Truck Docking System (TDS)

The Truck Docking System (TDS) minimises any potential risks of harming personnel at loading docks.

The Truck Docking System (TDS) cautions the driver of the presence of personnel at a loading dock.

The dock is equipped with detection sensors which, upon detecting a person, issue a signal to the traffic light or similar. Upon being alerted by the traffic light that it is safe to dock the truck the driver can park the truck in position.

Sensor beams and mirrors are installed across the docking area which will trigger the traffic light connected to the control unit when the beam is broken.

  • Detection of personnel in loading docks.
  • Easy installation by dealer.
  • Durable and robust system components.
  • Detection sensor beams and mirrors
  • Control unit
  • Traffic light

Truck Docking System diagram