About Us

If it’s Shipped, Handled, Stored, Driven, Operated, or Maintained, We’re On it

More than 40 years ago, ShockWatch (now SpotSee) in the US turned a simple idea into a global resource. The company’s very first proprietary indicators were used to detect mishandling of sensitive computer media in transit. We found this simple concept so effective that additional technology was developed for many other applications. Soon, ShockWatch introduced the marketplace to a whole new class of products: Damage Prevention.

ShockWatch evolved with each new innovation, quickly growing into the worldwide authority on damage prevention. Our expert resources help customers around the globe find the right solutions to prevent damage and reduce costs.

ShockWatch delivers damage prevention solutions to small businesses and multi-national companies — including two-thirds of the Fortune 100 and over half of the Fortune 1000 — we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve new levels of efficiency, quality, and safety.

Deterrence for Maximum Protection

One of the primary strengths of ShockWatch Monitors is their high visibility. Even from a distance, the message is clear — Protected by ShockWatch. In all applications, the mere presence of ShockWatch Monitors changes the behaviours that create unnecessary costs. Awareness becomes accountability. And accountability leads to true damage prevention.

This high visibility applies not only to handlers, but receivers as well. The presence of a ShockWatch label makes it immediately clear to receivers that their goods have been well-protected, and that they have reason to trust your products from dock to dock.

Shockwatch in Australia

Here in Australia, Shockwatch Pty Ltd, has been delivering damage prevention products and fleet management products for over 20 years. We have also been distributing the Claitec Pedestrian Alert System for over 4 years.

Our range of products include:

Shipping and Handling Indicators and Recorders

Control the handling of your goods in transit. Take the risk out of your shipments by keeping an eye on them every step of the way. ShockWatch Shipping & Handling indicators and recorders help prevent mishandling, no matter what you’re shipping or where it’s going. Reduce your damage bill by using our Shipping and Handling indicators and recorders to monitor impact, tilt, vibration and temperature.

Fleet Management Solutions

Our range of Total Trax Fleet Management products are mounted directly to your equipment. Our monitors collect accurate impact, access, and usage data — and deliver it to you when you need it through innovative, easy-to-use software. With this knowledge in your hands, you have the tools to change the behaviours that cost you money.

Ensure qualified and appropriate operator access. Schedule more timely and effective maintenance. Reduce wear-and-tear and damage to equipment, products, fixtures, and facilities. Ensure OH&S compliance and prevent accidents and hazardous conditions — creating a safer workplace for your people.

Accident Prevention Solutions

Our range of Claitec products assist in preventing accidents in the workplace — creating a safer workplace for your people. Our Pedestrian Alert Systems, Forklift Alert Systems and the ability to use these systems to perform other tasks like opening doorways and triggering lights/buzzers at blind corners help to make the workplace a safer place.

Safety Knives

Our range of Safety Knives reduce accidents, increase productivity and save time. It is the easiest cutter on the market to use today.