Collision Avoidance System

The Collision Avoidance System (CAS) by Claitec cautions forklift drivers of the presence of another truck within distances between 3-25 metres. The CAS features a highly advanced proximity detection system that keeps track of all movement on the floor. The collision avoidance system can also be used for Pedestrian detection at distances of up to 6.5m front and back, and up to 4m on each side.

A light and/or buzzer is triggered when another forklift is detected, alerting the driver to potential hazards in the area. Pedestrian detection is also possible, making the crash avoidance system a valuable piece of safety equipment. Industrial workspaces are full of hazards, but by installing an accident avoidance system you can leverage the power of technology and reduce the risk of accident and injury.

The forklifts Collision Avoidance System (CAS) cautions forklift drivers of the presence of another truck within distances of 3-25 meters (not adjustable).
It can also be used to detect pedestrians within an adjustable detection zone if also required.

A PAS (Pedestrian Alert System) Kit is installed in each of the forklifts to detect each other.
When a forklift detects another forklift in its safety zone, the driver is immediately warned about the potential risk by activating a light and/or buzzer.

The PAS Kit fitted to the forklift includes the following components:

  • Activator AC-50 – detector antenna fitted to the forklift to detect when another forklift is within the detection zone of 3-25m
  • Power Supply 24V – DC converter dependent upon forklifts power required
  • Detection Antennas – fitted to front and rear of forklift
  • Test-tag – verifies that the Activator AC-50 is available and working
  • Warning Light/buzzer – light will flash when another forklift is within the detection zone

If pedestrian detection is also required you will require the following component:

  • Pedestrian Key Fob Tag

Areas of Application

  • Loading and unloading zones
  • Poor visibility areas at junctions between pedestrians and forklifts
  • Areas with high forklift traffic


What is the primary function of the CAS system?

The primary function of the CAS system is to warn other forklifts operators when a forklift is inside the detection zone which will trigger an intermittent light and/or buzzer. Once the forklift is out of range the light and/or buzzer will cease activating. The 3-25m range is not resettable.

What is the detection distance between the forklifts?

The detection distance is between 3-25m and is not adjustable.

Can lights/buzzers be triggered at blind corners or intersections?

Yes, with this standard pedestrian alert system setup, the forklift setup can trigger a light/buzzer at a blind spot or intersection on approach with an installed TZ2 Tag.

Can the CAS system also detect pedestrians if required?

Yes, the hardware setup for CAS allows for the option of including pedestrian detection as well as forklift to forklift detection. This needs to be determined when ordering.


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