Gate Access System (GAS)

The ShockWatch Open Door System (ODS) is designed to warn forklift operators of a motorised roller door that has not fully opened.

This is to prevent any damage to the door by an obstructed view from large loads being carried.

The ShockWatch Gate Access System (GAS) is designed to allow pedestrians who have pedestrian tags to automatically unlock a gate using an electro mechanical lock when approaching an installed detection unit within the detection zone set.

The installed detection unit can be set in ranges from 0.5m to 6.5m.

When the pedestrian goes through the gate and is out of range of the detection unit the gate will automatically lock again.
Pedestrians who don’t have pedestrian tags will not be able to go through the gate.


  • Pedestrian Tags required to unlock gates
  • Easy installation by dealer.
  • Durable and robust system components.

System Components

  • All pedestrians are wearing Pedestrian Tags (T-10R).
  • AV-50 Control Box is installed as close as possible to the security access gate.
  • An electromagnetic latch is connected to the security access gate and the Control Box.

Main Operating Characteristics

  • Gates are locked on pedestrian approach.
  • When a pedestrian enters the detection zone, the Pedestrian Tag is detected by the Control Box, indicated by a green light. This unlocks the access gate.
  • Control Box should be installed close to the access gate to help balance Tag detection on either side.
  • Detection range is adjustable to suit application.


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Gate Access System (GAS) Sales Sheet