Temperature Monitoring


Our temperature monitoring devices, indicators and recorders introduce accountability measures into the shipping and handling stages of the cold chain. Encourage proper handling and transport of temperature sensitive products by providing visual notification to shipping personnel. This alerts them to the presence of temperature monitoring devices, indicators and recorders. When a temperature excursion occurs, indicators and recorders give you the data needed to improve the integrity of the cold chain.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use temperature Monitoring Devices even if I haven’t had issues?

Increased TGA regulations have been implemented on food products and other regulations on different products. It’s become increasingly essential to maintain the integrity of temperature sensitive products.

Having proper Continuous Digital Temperature Monitoring throughout every stage of the supply chain ensures the product arrives uncompromised. It lets you find and address potential issues related to temperature regulation.

Unexpected delays at any stage of the supply chain can compromise product quality or safety. So too can neglect and improper transport or storage impact quality and safety. Constant monitoring with a Proper Continuous Temperature Monitoring Device allows you to ensure any delays or neglect have not negatively compromised your product quality.

What equipment or software will I need?

Our single use Temperature Monitoring Solutions do not require any special equipment, training or software to be used successfully. Our single or multi use recorders send data to included software for the correct product parameter setup for monitoring wireless temperature excursions.

How easy is it to use Temperature Monitoring equipment?

All ShockWatch temperature sensors are easy to use and attach to your products. Most products only require single monitoring. Multiple monitors may be used for very large products or sensitive shipments.

Activation of the Temperature Monitoring Device is simple with the removal of a protective strip or by pushing a button. ShockWatch indicators are self adhesive and easy to attach to products or product packaging. Shockwatch temperature recorders are easily placed near the products being monitored and can be activated automatically or by pushing a button.

ShockWatch temperature monitors provide easy access to a safe and secure method of ensuring your shipment arrives in the proper fashion. Temperature sensing equipment works in real time and has a wide range of applications. With remote temperature monitoring, you gain access to real time monitoring of temperatures that identifies when a cold chain breach may have occured.

How accurate is the ShockWatch Temperature Monitoring system?

All ShockWatch temperature monitoring devices are highly accurate, ranging from 0.5°C to 2°C in accuracy. You can see the specific temperature accuracy for each specific product inside the product page.

What temperature ranges can I monitor?

You can use Shockwatch monitors to measure or indicate temperatures ranging from -80°C to +37°C.