• ColdChain Complete/
    WarmMark Temp Indicators

    Help ensure appropriate COVID-19 specimen shipping temperatures
    to avoid a false-negative diagnosis of COVID-19

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Damage Indicators, Damage Prevention & Safety Solutions

At ShockWatch, we are leading providers of damage indicators & damage prevention products for goods in transit. We specialise in providing fleet monitoring equipment for manufacturing and warehouse operations. As a leader in accident prevention and industrial safety solutions, we put the highest priority on keeping your workers and your products safe. Our products help reduce damage-related costs in the transportation and storage of fragile or temperature-sensitive goods and improve safety in the workplace. 

ShockWatch 2 - 75g-impact-indicator

Impact Indicators

ShockLog 298_HR

Impact Recorders

TiltwatchPlus tilt indicator

Tilt Indicators

WarmMark 8C-46F

Temperature Indicators

TempU 02

Temperature Recorders

timestrip time indicator 6 months

Time Indicators

EquipManager fleet manager

Fleet Management

CAS-G2 device NEW

Accident Prevention

Easy Cut 2000 safety knife

Safety Knives


Power Generation

Freight Forwarding


Hi-Tech Equipment

Oil and Gas

Heavy Equipment Rental


Life Sciences

Food Logistics

Medical Devices