• ColdMark

    Temperature Indicators

    Encased in a cylindrical tube, specially formulated fluids turn from clear to violet when exposed to temperatures below the predetermined activation temperature level.

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Welcome to ShockWatch

At Shockwatch Pty Ltd, we are leading providers of damage prevention products for goods in transit, fleet monitoring equipment for manufacturing and warehouse operations and industrial safety and accident prevention solutions. Our products help reduce damage related costs in the transportation and storage of fragile or temperature sensitive goods and improve safety in the workplace.

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Our Product Range

Impact and Tilt Indicators and Recorders

impact and tilt indicators and recordersOur Impact and Tilt indicators and recorders deter, detect and record impact, tilt and vibration

Temperature Indicators and Recorders

temperature indicators and recordersOur Temperature indicators and recorders monitor or record unacceptable temperature excursions

Time Indicators

Timestrip time indicators

Our Timestrip Time Indicators offer a helpful visual reminder of service and maintenance schedules for consumable components

Fleet Management Solutions

EquipManager fleet managerOur Fleet Management Solutions are world leaders in generating forklift safety, reduced damage and an accident-free workplace

Accident Prevention Solutions


Our Accident Prevention Solutions assist in the prevention of workplace accidents between forklift trucks and pedestrians

Safety Knives

Safety knives and cutters

Our Safety Knives reduce accidents, increase productivity and save time


LIFEPAK CR Plus Fully Automatic Defibrillator
Our Deibrillators feature the same advanced technology trusted by emergency medical professional yet are simple to use

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