Temperature Indicators

Frequently Asked Questions


Which type of Temperature Indicator is best for my product?

The best indicators for your product will vary depending on several factors such as:

  • – Is the product sensitive to damage from cold, heat, or both?
  • – Does single exposure render the product improperly handled or does the temperature need to remain above or below the threshold for a long period of time for damage to occur?
  • – Do you require a single-use Temperature Indicator (either compromised or not compromised) or a temperature recorder that captures data every minute? A temperature recorder can better tell you which stage in the supply chain has been compromised and for how long
  • – Single-use Temperature Indicators can be a more cost-effective solution if you just need to know if the shipment has been compromised and not when.
  • – Do you have any special requirements, such as monitoring products in extreme environments such as low temperatures of -80 degrees C or being submerged in water?


We also have specific temperature indicators to comply with the latest regulations on shipments such as:

  • – Blood Bags
  • – Seafood shipments
  • – Food shipments