Low Speed Area (LSA)

The Low Speed Area (LSA) equipment limits the forklift speed circulating in different √°reas of the warehouse.

It is specially designed to reduce the speed of the forklift in areas where pedestrians or people are working.

Trucks equipped with the Low Speed Area system automatically identify the area where they find themselves and send a speed limitation signal to the truck.


  • Reduction of forklift speed in areas with pedestrian activity or where others are working.
  • High forklift traffic areas.


The Low Speed Area solution (LSA) uses a panel of reflective coded bands located over doorways or hanging from the ceiling in areas where a speed change needs to take place. When the forklift drives underneath the panel, the sensors decode the change in zone and proceed to activate the relay corresponding to that zone either Slow or Fast.

LSA forklift under detection panel

The speed can be set to Slow or Fast on the forklift itself.

The Low Speed Area system allows a site to be divided into two different speed zones to limit vehicle speed where there is interaction with pedestrians or vehicles.

  • Increase Safety by automatic forklift speed limitation in certain zones of the Plant/Warehouse.
  • LSA recognizes automatically whether a vehicle is in low speed area or in high speed area.
  • The vehicle can be operated at full speed and can cover long trips quickly in the areas that it is allowed.
  • The vehicle can be operated at limited safe speed in the areas where there is a risk for pedestrians.
  • Limited area is easily defined with a reflective strip mirror band mounted over a doorway or hanging from the ceiling.


LSA speed zone example


How does Low Speed Area work?
The forklift must have on board speed limiting capability.
The LSA kit is installed on every forklift.
An optical sensor recognizes if the vehicle is in high or low speed area when it passes under a wall or roof mounted reflector strip. The reflector strip defines the area as either slow or fast and triggers the unit and forklift accordingly.


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Low Speed Area
The LSA equipment allows the limiting of the forklift speed circulating in different areas of the warehouse.