ColdMark descending temperature indicators are single-use devices that provide accurate, irreversible evidence of a below-temperature deviation.

The ColdMark turns from clear to violet when the temperature goes below a predetermined threshold.

ColdMark temperature indicators help determine if your you determine if your products have gone below an acceptable temperature. Without them, your product may be compromised from an unnoticed breach in your cold chain. These descending temperature indicators are single use devices that provide accurate, irreversible evidence of a below temperature deviation.

Temperatures can vary dramatically during transit. The cargo hold of an aircraft can be colder than you planned. Your product may encounter unexpected delays and be stored in less than ideal conditions. ColdMark temperature indicators provide a cost effective tool for monitoring the temperature of your package. ColdMark temperature indicators are single-use devices that provide accurate, irreversible evidence of a below threshold deviation. The ColdMark turns from clear to violet when the temperature goes below a predetermined threshold. With the information you gather from these indicators, you can make smarter decisions across your cold chain.

Reach | ROHS Compliant

-3°C | 0°C | 2°C | 5°C | 10°C

ColdMark features:

  • Reduce product damage and loss incurred during transportation and storage
  • Provide psychological reinforcement to ensure adherence to optimal temperature conditions are
  • Provide indisputable evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions
  • Alleviate safety concerns surrounding bacterial growth, infection, and contamination while shipment is in transit
  • Allows for extremely precise, targeted monitoring of temperatures and duration of excursions
  • Helps monitor the shelf life of the shipped product
  • Helps verify the adequacy of packaging
  • Ensure compliance with health standards
  • Ensure the quality of the product throughout the transportation cycle
  • Identify potential unacceptable product quality before delivery to end-user
  • Alert recipient to inspect contents before acceptance
  • Ensure a chain of accountability in storage and transportation
  • Protect against/reduce warranty claims
  • Identify trouble spots in storage and transportation
  • Increase customer satisfaction and provide a visible marketing edge

WarmMark 8C


Cold Chain Complete temperature indicator

Cold Chain Complete temperature indicator

Log-ic temperature recorders

Log-ic temperature recorders


Indication Type Visual, irreversible clear to violet colour change
Activation Temperature Levels  Sensitivities available between -3°C and 10°C
Temperature Accuracy +1°C
Activation Temperature Exposure Time Period 30 minutes or less
Product Life 2 years
Mounting Method Pressure sensitive adhesive
Storage Conditions Unused product must be stored above the activation temperature and below 43°C
Dimensions 83.82 x 20.32 x 10.16mm
Weight (varies by sensitivity) Weight (varies by sensitivity) 3.06g


Why should I use a ColdMark Indicator?

The ColdMark alerts you if the item being monitored has been exposed to a temperature below the specified threshold of the device.

Is the ColdMark resettable?

No, the ColdMark is not resettable. It is a one-off use indicator and is always armed for monitoring.

What should I do if the ColdMark indicator is activated?

If the indicator has been activated in transit, you should contact the shipment sender to determine the appropriate course of action.

Where should the ColdMark be mounted?

The ColdMark should be located where it will be visible to the receiver of the monitored shipment.
The ColdMark can be adhered directly to the product being monitored or located inside the packaging.
Test in house where the appropriate position is for your particular shipments

How do I know the ColdMark temperature has been breached?

When the ColdMark is exposed to temperatures below the stated activation temperature ±1°C,
the indicator’s bulb will turn from clear to violet.
If upon receipt the ColdMark bulb appears milky white, the ColdMark has been subjected to temperatures
that caused the indicator itself to freeze. The indicator bulb will change to violet when it thaws.
A milky white or violet bulb are both indications of a below temperature threshold breach.

How should the ColdMark be stored?

ColdMark indicators should be stored at least 5°C above the indicator’s stated activation temperature
and up to 43°C.

How long does it take for the ColdMark to activate?

The indicator will respond in 30 minutes or less. Colder temperatures will speed the response time of the




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