WarmMark Duo

The WarmMark Duo temperature indicator indicates the duration of temperature exposure at two different activation temperature levels, 10°C and 34°C in the one indicator.

The WarmMark Duo temperature indicators are single use devices that provide accurate, irreversible evidence of any above temperature deviation allowing you to make smarter decisions across the cold chain.

The WarmMark Duo temperature indicators are ascending time temperature indicators that alert users of exposure to unacceptably high temperature conditions and indicates the duration of temperature exposure at two different activation temperature levels, 10°C and 34°C in the one indicator.

Reach | ROHS Compliant

WarmMark Duo features:

  • Monitor for the length of time above 10°C and for brief excursions above 34°C
  • Know if a product has been exposed past a threshold and check for high temperature spikes

WarmMark Duo window run out times:

Run-Out Time*
Window 1 Window 2 Window 3 Window 4
10°C 3 days  8 days  14 days
34°C Within 30 mins

* Run-out times are based on a 2°C excursion above the response temperature. Readings are affected by the severity of the temperature excursion.
Higher temperatures will cause run-out to occur faster than stated.


WarmMark 8C


ColdMark 0C


Log-ic temperature recorders

Log-ic temperature recorders


Indication Type Visual, irreversible white to red colour change in the activation window
Activation Method Manual: Pull-tab
Activation Temperature Levels 10°C and 34°C
Temperature Accuracy +1°C
Run Out Time See Product Selection for details
Product Life 2 years from the date of sale
Mounting Method Pressure-sensitive adhesive
Storage Conditions Store in a cool dark environment, below the response temperature of the indicator; 35-55% RH
Dimensions 98.1 x 19 x 1.5mm


WarmMark Duo is available in a 10°C version with indication of a temperature excursion over 34°C as well on the same indicator.




Why should I use a WarmMark Duo Indicator?

The WarmMark Duo alerts you if the item being monitored has been exposed to a temperature above the specified rating of the device.

Is the WarmMark Duo resettable?

No, the WarmMark Duo is not resettable.

What should I do if the WarmMark Duo indicator is activated?

If the indicator has been activated, you should contact the shipment sender to determine the appropriate course of action.

What does the run-out of a WarmMark Duo indicate?

Run out indicates the time the temperature has been over the temperature threshold. It does not indicate the amount of time that the WarmMark can be used. In other words, the WarmMark Duo has 4 windows. The first window would indicate that at 2°C above the 10°C threshold of the indicator it would run out in 3 days. The 3 days would be an indication of the time over 10°C not the duration of the trip.

How do I arm the WarmMark Duo to start monitoring?

Before arming, the WarmMark Duo indicator should be placed in an environment at least 5°C below the WarmMark Duo’s activation threshold temperature for a minimum of 30 minutes.
To arm the WarmMark Duo indicator, fold up and pull out the indicator’s activation tab until the tab and barrier film have been completely removed.

Where should the WarmMark Duo be mounted?

The WarmMark Duo should be located where it will be visible to the receiver of the monitored shipment and is best adhered directly to the product being monitored or located inside the packaging close to the product being shipped.

How do I interpret the WarmMark Duo?

When the WarmMark is exposed to conditions above the indicator’s activation temperature ±1°C, a red dye will begin migrating through the run-out window(s).
Run-out times are based on a temperature 2°C above the 10°C threshold. If the temperature is greater than 2°C above the 10°C threshold of the device, the run-out will occur faster.

How should the WarmMark Duo be stored?

WarmMark Duo indicators should be stored in a cool dark place below the activation temperature and between 35-55% relative humidity (RH).


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