Seafood Indicator

The TimeStrip® Seafood Indicator is a simple solution that helps determine if your seafood shipments have been exposed to unacceptable temperature during transit.

The TimeStrip Seafood temperature indicator helps determine if your seafood shipments have been exposed to unacceptable temperatures during transit.

A convenient indicator with push button simplicity, these indicators are small labels that can be applied directly onto seafood packaging or crates.

As Clostridium Botulinum (C.Botulinum) is known to form toxins much faster above 3°C, it is important to the seafood industry to know if shipments have been exposed and for how long.


Flexible Use and Storage
Inert until activated so it can be stored at ambient temperatures and activated when required in the field.
Reliable Evidence
Single use, irreversible and the temperature monitor is accurate to within +/-1°C/2°F.
Targeted Decision Making
Small, light and cost effective enough to support the monitoring of many packs within a consignment; pockets of temperature abuse can be identified.
Easy to Read
Visually clear and easy to interpret so handlers can quickly and confidently recognise temperature abuse.
Quality Assured
Manufactured to ISO9001:2008, process and batch validated, and each indicator has a unique serial number for traceability. It is patented, safe and disposable.
A low cost solution that requires no power. It is a cost effective and practical replacement for data loggers.


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timestrip food temp indicator 10C


Monitored Temperature
Temperature Accuracy
± 1°C
Time Accuracy
± 15% in time under isothermal conditions
Storage Conditions
Store in a cool, dark place. Recommended 22°C at 20-80% RH
Shelf Life
2 years from date of manufacture
35mm x 19mm (Blister height 2.7mm)


Can the Seafood indicator be used in any direction?

Yes.  Orientation has no impact on the way it works

Are they waterproof?

Timestrips® are not designed to be submerged in water, but they are very splash-proof and can be immersed in water for short periods without any effect.

Is the liquid safe?

Yes, and it is a tiny amount and fully encapsulated within the product. Please see our MSDS for further information. In the highly unlikely event that the liquid leaks from the Timestrip® and comes into contact with skin, simply wash with soap and water. If the liquid comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice

Could I get a false positive indication?

If the indicator is correctly activated false positives are extremely unlikely as the blue dye can only melt at or above certain temperatures. It is important to lower the indicator to its STOP temperature after activation and only attach it to a product, carrying card or material that is already at or below the STOP temperature to avoid premature indication.

How should the Seafood indicator be stored before use?

In order to maximize product performance, the indicator should be stored in a cool, dark place. Recommended 22°C at 20-80% RH.

How do I read the Seafood Indicator for any temperature breaches?

When the indicator is exposed to conditions above its temperature threshold of 3°C for a cumulative amount of 2 or 4 hours, a blue dye will appear in the appropriate breach window(s)


Food Temperature Indicator Sales Sheet
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