Pedestrian Alert System

The Pedestrian Alerts System (PAS) from Claitec is a forklift proximity warning system for the prevention of workplace accidents between forklift trucks and pedestrians.

Pedestrians must wear electronic tags (KEYFOBS) that are detected by a control unit on the forklift warning the driver of the risk either by a flashing warning light, piezo alarm or if the forklift model permits to reduce speed automatically.

PAS can also be used to trigger warning lights and alarms at intersections when pedestrians or forklifts are in the area.

The Claitec Pedestrian Alert System is a solution for the prevention of workplace accidents between forklift trucks and pedestrians. This forklift proximity warning system can also be used to activate lights and/or buzzers at intersections, blind corners or lock/unlock gates etc when a forklift is approaching.

This Pedestrian Alert System (PAS) kit consists of the following components which are fitted to the forklift:

  • Activator antenna (AC-50) – system electronics connected with the two LF antennas
  • DC-DC Converter 24VDC – power supply for the AC-50 Activator, TT-50 Test Tag, light/buzzer
  • LF antennas with supports – mounted front and rear connected to the AC-50 Activator
  • Self-control Test tag (TT-50) – constantly testing that the AC-50 Activator is correctly functioning
  • Driver’s pedestrian tag inhibitor (T-10) – standalone bracket to deactivate the forklift drivers personal tag when getting on the forklift
  • Warning Light/Buzzer – flashing light/sound when pedestrian tag detected connected to the AC-50 Activator

For the Pedestrians:

  • Personal tag – worn by pedestrians for detection by the AC-50 Activator unit mounted on the forklift when in the settable detection range

To activate lights/buzzers at intersections,blind corners or lock/unlock gates etc:

  • TZ2 Tag – activates the light/buzzer when forklift approaches
  • RGB Light/Buzzer – light and/or buzzer activated by TZ2 Tag

Key Features

  • Detection of pedestrians in the forklift’s proximity.
  • Detection distance is automatically adjusted depending on the speed of the machine.
  • Front and back detection zone from 0.5 to 6.5 metres.
  • Side detection zone of up to 4 metres.
  • Easy implementation by local distributor or installer.
  • Durable and robust system components.
  • Applicable to all types of industrial vehicles up to 4T load capacity (over 4T load capacity vehicles may be suitable with the addition of a Repeater).
  • Ideal in areas where the speed limit is up to 10km/h

Optional accessories

Battery verification unit for pedestrian key fobs AV-50 Battery Verification Unit
Verify the battery condition of the pedestrian key fob with the AV-50 unit. Also comes with software to show the keyfobs scanned and their current battery voltage.

Areas of Application

  • Ideal for Forklift trucks of up to 4 tonne load capacity
    (larger vehicles may be suitable with the inclusion of a PAS Repeater which enhances signal and placing the LF antennas side by side on the truck)
  • Ideal speed in areas up to 10 km/h
  • Loading and unloading zones dedicated to external drivers (people who are not familiar with the facilities and are at high risk of accidents within the space they share with the forklifts)
  • Poor visibility areas such as junctions where pedestrians and forklifts may intersect or where storage corridors exist
  • Work spaces shared by machines and pedestrians such as production lines where the space for the movement of personnel and forklifts is very limited.


What is the primary function of the PAS system?

The primary function of the PAS system is to warn the forklift operator when a pedestrian with a T-10 tag is inside the detection zone set which will trigger an intermittent light and/or buzzer. Once the pedestrian is out of range the light/buzzer will cease activating.

What are the limits of the system?

The system is ideal where the maximum load capacity of the truck is 4T. The system may be suitable for trucks a little larger with the addition of a Repeater which can add 1-2m of extra detection distance.
The top speed of the truck to get effective detection is usually a maximum of 10km/h.

What is the detection distance between the forklift and a pedestrian?

The detection distance that can be adjusted on the AC-50 Activator units dip switches is between 0.5m and 6.5m front and back and up to 4m on the sides.

Does the forklift operator wear a tag?

All pedestrians and forklift operators must wear a T-10 tag for detection by all forklifts fitted with the PAS. The forklift operator places their T-10 tag in the driver inhibitor holder mounted on the forklift when they are ready to operate the forklift. This inhibits the tag from detection by any forklifts. Once the operator leaves the forklift they must take out their T-10 tag with them so they can be detected by other forklifts in the vicinity.

Will the Pedestrian Tags be detected by every forklift?

Yes, the pedestrian tag is universal and will be detected by every forklift fitted with the system. There is no special programming required. They will work out of the box.

Does the Pedestrian Tag make a sound on detection?

No, the current pedestrian tag will only illuminate when detected. There is a new tag in beta testing that will have a sound. This is not due for release until the first half of 2017.

How do I know that the battery in the pedestrian tag is still good and will be detected?

Our AV-50 Battery Verification unit will test the battery level as ok or battery low when it is scanned. Accompanying software can show the tags scanned and their current level of voltage. If a tag is scanned and it shows as battery low you still have a few days to change the battery over.

Can I store the pedestrian tags near the AV-50 Battery verification unit?

If you need to keep the pedestrian tags near the AV-50 Battery Verification unit then they need to be at least 8m away. Within 8m will affect the life of the battery.

Can lights/buzzers be triggered at blind corners or intersections?

Yes, with this standard pedestrian alert system setup, the forklift setup can trigger a light/buzzer at a blind spot or intersection on approach with an installed TZ2 Tag.
A Pedestrian can also trigger a light/buzzer at a blind spot or intersection on approach with an installed AC-50 unit.
See the Blind Spots Product page for further information.






Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 Pedestrian Alert System brochure
Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 Pedestrian Alert System Presentation


Pedestrian Alert System
The following video illustrates the Pedestrian Alert System (PAS). Our solution minimises the risk of accidents between forklifts and pedestrians in common work areas. Pedestrians must wear electronic tags that are detected by a device on the forklift truck, warning the driver of the risk.

Installing the battery into the Pedestrian Tag T-10
The following video shows how to install a battery into the Pedestrian Tag T-10.