Narrow Aisle Safety

The Narrow Aisle Safety (NAS) solution minimises the risks of collision between forklifts in narrow work spaces.

The Narrow Aisle Safety for forklifts (NAS) cautions forklift drivers of the proximity of another forklift in areas with limited room to manoeuvre by triggering a light and or buzzer at an intersection or any other area.

The trucks incorporate a TZ-50 tag which emit signals that are detected by an AC-50 Activator unit mounted on a wall or racking etc to trigger a  light/buzzer to indicate the presence of a forklift in the area.

The system comprises the following components:

  • AC-50 RFID activator
  • Light/Buzzer
  • Forklift TZ-50 tag

Areas of Application

» Confined areas.
» Poor visibility areas at junctions between forklifts.
» Areas with high forklift traffic



Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 Narrow Aisle Safety Brochure