TiltWatchXTR tilt indicator

The TiltWatch XTR tilt sensor turns red if the container it is affixed to tips on its side or is completely upended.

TiltWatch XTR will not activate under normal handling conditions or aircraft take-offs.

The TiltWatch XTR tilt indicator monitors if your shipment has been tilted in transit.

The TiltWatch XTR tilt indicator turns red if the container it is affixed to tips on its side or is completely upended. TiltWatch will not activate under normal handling conditions or aircraft take-offs.

Two TiltWatch are required for each package mounted on adjacent sides to monitor all planes

  • Tilt detection for a wide array of product types and sizes
  • Tamper-proof design prevents concealment of activation without obvious evidence of interference
  • Easy installation and activation with removal of adhesive backing
  • Moisture-proof vacuum seal allows for use in humid applications such as ocean cargo
  • Inversion indicator that registers complete overturn
  • Immunity to normal handling conditions and aircraft takeoff angles

TiltWatch XTR Accessories

Tiltwatch companion with TiltWatchXTR Companion Label:
The Companion Label provides an additional visual warning and instructions on what to do if mishandling occurs. The TiltWatch XTR is placed on the corresponding footprint printed on the label as shown.
Shockwatch Alert Tape Alert Tape:
Use to provide a visual warning against mishandling.
Tape is 50mm (W) x 66m (L)
Tiltwatch alert sticker Alert Sticker:
Included in each box of TiltWatch XTR.
Affix to the Bill of Lading or place next to the TiltWatch XTR mounted on the box to caution the carrier and consignee that the shipment is monitored




Operating Temperature – 40°C to +60°C
Humidity Tolerance 5% to 99% non-condensing
Size 7.4 cm x 6.9 cm x 0.5 cm
Activation Angle 80° +/-5% from vertical**
Monitoring Range Single plane
Composition Rigid polystyrene housing with stainless steel indicator
Installation Pressure sensitive adhesive or holes to accommodate screws, nails, and staples
Adhesive 2 mil high tack acrylic
Shelf Life 2 years from date of sale

Selection Guide

  • Use the TiltWatch XTR to monitor where you want to know if the container or product has been tilted on its side (monitors when tilted over 80 deg)
  • Two TiltWatch XTR’s mounted on adjacent sides may be required if you wish to monitor tilting on all planes (i.e left to right and front to back) based on the type of container/product that you are monitoring. If there is no prospect of tilting in one direction then you would only require one TiltWatch XTR on the shipment.



What is a Tiltwatch?

Tiltwatch is a tip indicating device for goods that must remain upright to ensure intact delivery.

How do you activate the TiltWatch XTR ready for monitoring?

By peeling the adhesive backing from the device, you automatically activate the sensor and can then place it on your shipment.

How many TiltWatch XTR's do I need per shipment?

Two are required to monitor all planes mounted on adjacent sides of the shipment for products that could be tipped over in any direction. If tipping is only possible in one direction, then one TiltWatch XTR is fine.




Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32  TiltWatch XTR Brochure
Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 Tiltwatch XTR Mounting Instructions
Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 Tilt Indicators Damage Prevention Program Implementation Guide
Word-icon Sample TiltWatch XTR Damage Prevention Program Implementation Letters for Customer and Carrier