RC5+ Temperature Data Logger

The RC-5+ USB temperature data loggers multi use are highly reliable data loggers that allow you to make an immediate decision whether or not to accept or reject a shipment. The RC-5 has an auto generated PDF report when connected via USB to a PC.

The RC-5+ USB  temperature data loggers multi use are highly reliable data loggers that allow you to make an immediate decision whether or not to accept or reject a shipment.
With a plug-and-play USB port interface, it allows for the user to automatically generate a PDF report so no software is needed.
Its robust and compact design allows for use in pharmaceutical, food, life science, cooler boxes, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, freezer or laboratories.

Download the Software for Windows & macOS.
Please visit https://www.elitechustore.com/pages/download to download and install the software as instructed in the user manual


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Auto PDF/Excel Report
Built-in USB to generate PDF report automatically after connecting to PC or Android Phone, no software needed. Encryptable via PC.

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LCD Visual Display
Press button to check key information: current temperature value, Max or Min value since recording, Current Date, Logging points.

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Free software for Windows & macOS
Parameters programmed before leaving the factory: Log interval – 2 mins; Press button to start. The desired parameters also can be set on Elitechlog software: Temperature unit – ℃/℉, Log interval, Temperature alarm range, etc.

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1 year

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Reusable temperature data logger
Wide temperature measuring range (-30°C to +70°C). High temperature accuracy (±0.9℉). This data logger is perfect for the transportation and storage of pharmaceuticals, frozen food, fresh food, vegetables, fish and more.

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Multiple Start Option & Alarm Settings
Start options: Press the button on the data logger; Pre-set time start or Start delay on Elitechlog software; Alarm Settings: Support up to 5 alarm settings, safeguard the valued items all over.

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Calibration Certificate
2-year calibration certificate is issued with each logger


  • Food Production
  • Supermakets
  • Refridgerated Transport
  • Medical
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies



RC-5 Temperature Recorder Multi Use

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Timestrip Time Indicator

TempU04 Temperature Recorder


FDA EN12830, CE, RoHS
Recording Options
Validation Certificate
Temperature Range
-30℃ to 70℃
PDF /ElitechLog Win or Mac (latest version)
Temperature Accuracy
±0.5(-20℃/+40℃);±1.0(other range)
Report Generation
Automatic PDF report
Temperature Resolution
Password Protection
Optional on request
Data Storage Capacity
32,000 readings
Connection Interface
USB 2.0, A-Type
Shelf Life/Battery
1 year’/CR2032 button cell
Alarm Configuration
Optional, up to 5 points
Recording Interval
3 minutes(standard)
With free Elitech Win or MAC software
Startup Mode
Button or software
Stop Mode
Button, software or stop when full
Protection Class



RC5+ Temperature Data Logger Sales Sheet


RC5+ Temperature Data Logger User Manual


Can data be exported to Excel?

Yes, PDF report can be downloaded directly once the USB is plug into a computer. The Excel report can be downloaded via the free software.

Can RC-5+ be calibrated?

Yes, it has a calibration function in the software.

Does the RC-5+ have a calibration certificate included?

Yes, the certificate is included in the package.

Is a battery included?

Yes, it comes with a CR2450 lithium battery.

How long does the battery last while logging information and how many days on continue logging can it record?

The battery is replaceable and the life depends on the log interval and working environment. The log interval is adjustable from 10s-24 hours and the max capacity points are 32000.

What time period can you set the report to cover? I am trying to monitor the freezer settings over a 3 month period?

The logger can record 32000 data points. By determining the time between each reading you can figure out how many readings per day. With this amount you can figure out how many data points in 90 days. Example: If you take a reading every 5 minutes that means 12 per hour which is 288 a day. 90 times 288 gives you 25,920 data points for 90 days.

How do you change the date? The day is off by one day.

Change the timezone via the software.

Is the software compatible with Mac?

Yes, we have both Window and Mac versions.

How I can change to the logger to Celcius?

Download the Elitechlog software, use the menu option ‘parameters’ to adjust the unit of measurement.

My computer USB is not recognizing the device anymore. The screen is flashing “pdf.”

If the screen flashes “PDF“, it means that the logger is uploading the data to the computer. Just wait a few minutes and then you will see a new disk icon on your computer screen. If it still does not work, plug the logger into another USB port in your computer.