Pedestrian Cross Safety (PCS)

The Pedestrian Crossing Safety (PCS) solution minimises any risks due to collisions between forklifts and pedestrians in areas of high pedestrian traffic at blind spots or where pedestrians cross roadways.

The Pedestrian Cross Safety (PCS) solution is a system of traffic lights that indicates the presence of pedestrians crossing to forklift drivers.

Pedestrians are fitted with a series of tags or transponders which, emit light signals that are detected by an activator. Subsequently, the lights indicate the presence of pedestrians in the vicinity.

Key Features

  • Detection of trucks in the proximity of the traffic light
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and robust system components

System Components

  • RFID activator AC-50 – trigger a traffic light at the crossing
  • Traffic light
  • Personal tag T-10 – worn by the pedestrian to trigger the traffic light on approach

How it works

PAS Blind Spot Pedestrian AC-50
Pedestrian triggers a signal using an Activator AC-50

  • Pedestrian wears the T-10 key fob
  • An Activator AC-50 is fitted to the wall
  • When a pedestrian comes into range of the Activator AC-50 it will trigger a flashing or traffic light around the other side of the intersection to alert the oncoming forklift that a pedestrian is approaching

With this setup a pedestrian will not be detected when in any other area of the facility


Areas of Application

  • Loading and unloading zones
  • Poor visibility areas at junctions between pedestrians and forklifts
  • Areas with high forklift traffic



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