MAG 2000

MAG 2000 impact indicators

are a cost-effective, resettable and reusable device designed to monitor the handling of fragile goods and freight containers greater than 227 kgs.
The device is widely used on rail cars and trucking fleets to monitor for excessive impacts during humping or latching.

MAG2000 impact indicators

are cost-effective, resettable and reusable devices designed to monitor the handling of fragile goods and freight containers greater than 227 kgs.
The device is also widely used on rail cars and trucking fleets to monitor for excessive impacts during humping or latching as well as transformers or rotors for example.

How the MAG2000 works

The MAG 2000 impact indicators utilise two magnets, the bottom magnet held rigidly in place and an upper magnet held in place by the mutual magnetic field attraction. Each MAG2000 is factory set to a particular g force. When acceleration due to impact or vibration is strong enough to create a force greater than the magnetic force of the particular MAG2000, the upper magnet is forced off its “home” position and appears in a visible position within the device.
The MAG 2000 also indicates the angle of impact by the position of the indicator magnet. The g-activation level is factory set and available in a wide variety of settings from 2G to 20G. Selecting the most appropriate MAG2000 can be done using our MAG2000 Selection Guide.

Resettable and tamperproof

A uniquely designed key is supplied to unlock the cover on the unit. This key allows the product to be reset after activation and resists tampering.

Economical solution to reduce your damage related costs

MAG2000 impact indicators offer an economical solution to prevent damage during product transit. The MAG2000 can be reset and reused and is tamperproof.

Reach | ROHS Compliant

Indicate when mishandling has occurred with MAG2000 impact indicators

While MAG2000 impact indicators can be mounted on either a product or the product packaging. However, it is generally advisable that the MAG2000 impact indicators be placed on the product since the impact experienced by the product itself is generally more important than the impact received by the packaging.
The placement of the MAG2000 impact indicators will affect the selection of the proper sensitivity.

Contact us for further information on MAG2000 Activation Curves.

Benefits of using MAG2000 Impact Indicators

Green_tick Acts as a visual deterrent to improper handling Green_tick Promotes chain of accountability for all product handling
Green_tick Reduces mishandling through awareness Green_tick Confirms effectiveness of packaging
Green_tick Provides indisputable evidence of mishandling Green_tick Helps identify trouble spots in supply chain, from production to transportation and storage
Green_tick Alerts recipient to inspect contents before acceptance Green_tick Helps increase quality of product from dock to dock
Green_tick Monitor for excessive impacts during humping or latching on rail cars or trucking fleets



ShockWatch Label

ShockWatch Label

Shockwatch2 15G impact indicators

Shockwatch 2

ShockDot 75G impact indicators



Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
Size: 63.50mm x 60.96mm x 20mm
Sensitivity Range: 0.5 – 20G
Tolerance: ±10% at 20°C, 1 ATM
Security: Tamper-resistant, Resettable
Responsiveness:  Responds to single impact
Duration: Ranges:
0.5 to 50 ms
Adhesive: Acrylic
Adhesive Shelf Life: 2 years when stored at 20°C / 68°F, 1 ATM
Storage Recommendation:
20°C / 68°F, 1 ATM, 0 – 99% RH Non-condensing






There are two things you need to know to begin selecting a MAG 2000 sensitivity:
shipment weight (kgs) and fragility (Low, Average, or High).
The selection guide should always be used as a starting point only. The MAG 2000 that will be best suited to your application will also take into account product packaging.

Low Fragility Zone — Applicable in situations in which both visible and hidden damage is possible, and a single extreme impact will cause damage to product. Pertains to products transported via a variety of modes.

Average Fragility Zone — Applicable in situations in which there is a moderate degree of stability and survivability built into the product, and in which a standard mode of transportation is used.

High Fragility Zone — Applicable in situations in which hidden damage is the key concern. Typically, these products will be constructed of low tolerance components such as data storage drives, optical lenses, or any other products that require precise alignment. Pertains to most products that require specialized modes of transportation, such as air-ride vans or extended travel in hydro-cushion railcars.

MAG2000 Selection Guide


What is the MAG 2000?

The Shockwatch MAG2000 is an Impact detection device that will activate when an impact exceeds the threshold of the unit.
The MAG2000 is designed to monitor handling conditions over 227kg intermodal containers and on freight vehicles.

What is the difference between a MAG2000 and a Shockwatch Label?

The main difference between a MAG2000 and a Shockwatch Label is that this MAG2000 is resettable using a specially designed key making it reuseable. This makes the MAG2000 cost effective in a closed loop system.

What can a MAG2000 do for your bottom line?

Pinpoint spoilage information
Reduce in-house and in-transit damage losses by over 50%
Communicate quality
Educate consignees on acceptable carrier handling
Evaluate packaging and shipping technique

How do you control the Activation/Sensitivity of a Unit?

Each MAG2000 is factory set, so you must order the specific G level and mounting orientation needed for your application. Each MAG2000 product has a nominal value that will activate when exceeded.

How do I select the right sensitivity?

Using the graph on our selection guide tab, find the weight of your shipment and ascertain its fragility zone: rugged, average or fragile.
These weights and zones should be used as a starting point as packaging and construction may affect the correlation between zones, weight and drop height. Please contact us for further information on selecting the sensor that is right for your application.


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