The ShockWatch Tube impact indicator is designed to be used where space is limited.

The tube can be incorporated directly into a product’s design.

ShockWatch Tubes impact indicators are designed to be embedded into your product to monitor excessive impacts.

ShockWatch Tubes are highly visible, mechanically activated devices that turn bright red when an impact occurs. The ShockWatch Tube can be incorporated directly into a product’s design. These solutions are ideal when you need to know if product mishandling may have resulted in misalignment, loss of product calibration or warranty-related repair issues.

ShockWatch Tubes are mechanical which means they do not require a power source. These devices can be integrated into system hardware without the worry of additional power consumption. Simply mount the indicator into your product and you are ready to go.

ShockWatch Tubes are selected according to the impact amplitude and duration which define the damage profile of a product. Heavier products are more likely to be damaged by lower g amplitudes with longer durations while lighter products are more susceptible to higher g amplitudes with shorter durations.

Reach | ROHS Compliant


  • Tamper-proof design prevents concealment of an activation without obvious evidence of interference
  • Compliance and field tested for use in multiple manufacturing, shipping and usage environments
  • Managed and supervised to ISO quality certifications and compliance standards


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Construction – Supplies and Fixtures
  • Electronics
  • Sports Equipment
  • Equipment Rental
  • Medical Devices and Supplies
  • Industrial Equipment
  • High Tech Equipment
  • Robotics
  • Scientific and Technical Instruments
  • Computer Hardware
  • Electronics
  • Lasers
  • Tools



Available from 10 to 500G
Ranges 1 to 50ms
• Responds to a single impact beyond the desired threshold
• Possible to monitor for impacts on a 360° axis
2 years from date of sale, when stored at standard temperature and pressure (20°, 1 ATM)




What is a ShockWatch Tube?

A ShockWatch Tube is an Impact Detection device that will activate (turn red) when an impact level exceeds the threshold of the unit.

Where is the ShockWatch Tube mounted?

A ShockWatch Tube is embedded into the product to indicate excessive impact directly to the product. The Tube indicates whether the product was enough to absorb the damaging shock.

What can the ShockWatch Tube do for your bottom line?

The Tube can be used to:
> Promote Handling Care – Promote care and reduce damage during the manufacturing processes

> Aid in Detection of Hidden Damage – for example, ShockWatch Tubes are embedded into PCBA. The Tube products are more than damage prevention devices. They are also used for detecting possible damage or de-calibration.

> A Quality Control Tool – Many products are received and inventoried for use or distribution at a later date. Hidden damage can lead to shortages, or even to distribution and usage of damaged or faulty products. A quick check of the ShockWatch Tube can reveal the product was subjected to a potentially damaging impact and that further inspection is warranted.





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