Intelligent Proximity Alert System (IPAS)

The increasing growth in construction has demanded more equipment and even more people into the industry. It has also added more preventable accidents between vehicles and workers.

The ShockWatch Intelligent Proximity Alert System (IPAS) by KIGIS is designed to reduce the risk of workplace collisions, both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrians. IPAS combines the latest ultrawide band (UWB) technology with a highly reliable collision warning in light, sound and voice-alert format. With a dual-zone detection range of up to 30 metres, it’s suitable for all types of heavy machinery and worksites.

High Accuracy

UWB technology-based highly accurate distance measurement

Easy Installation

Out-of-the-box with no-registration and no-calibration

Bilateral Alarm

Acoustic or vibrated alarm for both a driver and a pedestrian

Easy Operation

Simple and customizable configuration and operation

KIGIS Applications - Construction


Vehicle Tag (VT)

KIGIS IPAS Vehicle Tag

Installed on top of the vehicle, the Vehicle Tag detects the Pedestrian Tag, Zone Tag and another Vehicle Tag
using UWB (Ultrawide Band) Technology.

  • Installation: Exterior
  • Interaction: PT, VT, FZT, CZT
  • Alarm: Light/Voice Alert via the attached Indicator

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KIGIS IPAS Indicator

Installed inside the cabin, the Indicator provides light and voice alert when the Vehicle Tag detects other tags.
This device can be used to configure both warning ranges and volume levels.

  • Installation: Interior (Connected with VT)
  • Range: Configurable up to 30m (Caution/Danger Area of Vehicle Tag)
  • Alarm (Pedestrian / Vehicle):
    Caution Range – Repeating “Watch Out”
    Danger Range – Repeating “Danger”

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Pedestrian Tag (PT)

KIGIS IPAS Pedestrian Tag Armband

When people enter the Caution/Danger Range, the Pedestrian Tag creates both vibration and sound alarm. This device is configurable and rechargeable.

  • Installation: Carried by people (Armband / Helmet Clip)
  • Interaction: VT
  • Alarm: Caution Range – Beep sound, Vibration
  • Danger Range – Siren sound, Vibration
  • Low Battery – Short beep sound – 5 times every 10 minutes

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How It Works


Main Operating Characteristics

  • IPAS is applicable to all industrial vehicles: excavators, forklifts, loaders, tractors, etc
  • Detection of pedestrians and moving vehicles in the area of operation of vehicles
  • Detection range is adjustable from 1 – 30 metres in ideal conditions
  • System components are all rugged and long-lasting


Vehicle Tag Specifications
Power 12/24VDC Input (9/32VDC)
Current Consumption 300mA
Interface CAN Bus 2.0
Dimension / Weight 177.8 x 84.1 x 86mm / 444g
Mount Type Magnet Mount
Frequency 3993.6MHz
Bandwidth 499.2MHz
Operating Temp / Storage Temp -30~85ºC / -40~85ºC
Enclosure IP65


Indicator Specifications
Power 12/24VDC Input (9/32VDC)
Current Consumption 500mA
Interface CAN Bus 2.0
Dimension (w/bracket) / Weight 93 x 130.5 x 47.5mm / 207g
Mount Type Screw Fix (or Adhesive Tape)
Frequency 3993.6MHz
Sound Level / @ 92dB / 0.1m
Operating Temp / Storage Temp -30~85ºC / -40~85ºC
Enclosure IP65


Personal Tag (PT) Specifications
Sound Level / @ 87dB / 0.1m
Battery Li-Polymer 950mA
Operation Voltage 3.7V
Charge Interface Micro USB Type-B (5V/1A)
Charging Time / Operation Time ~90min / 6 Days (@8hrs/day)
Dimension / Weight 40 x 72 x 19.5mm / 58.5g
Mount Type Armband / Helmet Clip
Frequency 3993.6MHz
Bandwidth 499.2MHz
Operating Temp / Storage Temp -20~55ºC / -20~55ºC
Enclosure Waterproof


 Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 IPAS Brochure