Forklift Safety Alerts: Having an Accident-Free Workplace

Forklift safety alerts can prevent accidents and occupational hazards on conveyor belts, recycling pits and other work areas. The features can include pedestrian alerts and collision avoidance.

For example, pedestrian alerts can warn the driver about other nearby personnel and pedestrians. The presence of pedestrians nearby (or even other forklifts) in the area will trigger warning lights and alarms.

Stay safe even with limited visibility

Intersections and blind corners are often common areas of collisions because of limited visibility. That’s why alert and signal systems should be in place to remain safe. These systems should alert the driver immediately whenever there’s a pedestrian or other equipment within a set distance.

This is possible through electronic tags and advanced detection systems. Operators can know of the presence of other equipment within 3 to 25 metres. The front, back and sides are all covered.

Safety in hazardous areas

Aside from forklifts and other equipment, there are also risks and dangers in conveyor belts and recycling pits (such as in the paper and cardboard industries).

Machines operators and other personnel should wear electronic tags. The detector antennas will then know the presence of people nearby (usually within 1 to 5 metres). This will then stop the machine for the safety of the personnel. This way, all operators and personnel will be safe in all areas.

Complete safety solution

Many small businesses and huge companies have forklift safety instruments to minimise risks in the workplace. In addition, they can also put hazardous areas solutions to ensure safety in all areas (e.g. conveyor belts).

Many businesses also have fleet management solutions for improved safety and more efficient planning. These all work together in preventing accidents and improving the efficiency within a facility.

Forklift safety alerts Sydney

There are now many damage prevention and safety solutions available. They are a result of decades of research and rigorous testing for reliability and performance.

Here at ShockWatch, we specialise in providing safety solutions for companies that perform shipping and handling of material and goods. Contact us today if you want to have an accident-free workplace.