Optafleet Fleet Management System

The Optafleet Fleet Management System is a modular online system that allows monitoring of a wide range of vehicles, regardless of manufacturer, vehicle type or drive. Our modular design allows you to only purchase the functionality required.

The OptaFleet Fleet Management System is a modular online system that allows for monitoring of a wide range of vehicles regardless of manufacturer, vehicle type or drive.

Whether you are operating forklift trucks, airport tractors or even construction equipment, the OptaFleet system will provide you with detailed and up-to-date management reports of your vehicle fleet and drivers anywhere and anytime.

Our modular design allows you to only purchase the features required e.g. access control only or access control with impact

Optafleet Web Dashboard

Why invest in Optafleet?

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Prevent unauthorised access and reduce the cost of damages and maintenance

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Improve the efficient utilisation of your vehicle fleet

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Improved driver awareness and safety on the work floor

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Easily accessible and up-to-date management reports, anywhere and anytime

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Proven short payback times

Key Benefits

  • Can be installed on any vehicle make and model
  • No software installation on PC’s or Servers
  • System uses GPRS, no connection to company wifi network required
  • Modular components
  • Easy to install
  • Reduced damages to vehicles and other property
  • Improved control of vehicle utilisation
  • Improved driver behaviour
  • Real time fleet information available anywhere and anytime
  • Flexible event detection possibilities
  • Tailor made detailed reporting possibilities

Key Features

  • Suited for mixed vehicle fleets independent of make, type and drive
  • Software and hardware modularity
  • Driver access to prevent unauthorised usage
  • Pre-operational display safety check questions
  • Flexible hour meter configuration
  • User friendly web application
  • Intelligent impact sensor for collision detection
  • Digital or Analog inputs available to monitor vehicle functions e.g. speed sensor, oil pressure etc
  • Data export possibility for use in ERP
  • Real time notification messaging
  • Track & Trace
  • Vehicle CAN capability
  • CE approved and robust hardware (IP67)
Optafleet FLT with components

The Optafleet System

Optafleet System Overview


Optafleet Monitor


Optafleet ECU


Optafleet Impact sensor

Impact Sensor

Optafleet Key Reader

Key Reader with Keys

Advanced Features (requires additional hardware)

Enhanced utilisation
Load & tow sensing

Battery monitoring
Visibility to voltage, state of charge, temperature, current & fluid level

Sensors for Speed and Lifting
Monitor speed and lifting and generate events

GPS tracking
Real-time, inch accurate fleet movement data showing speed, direction, location and orientation

Optafleet Packages

Optafleet offers packages to suit whatever features you require.
The table below shows the options available with the hardware required to match.

OptaFleet Packages

Optafleet Software

System Layout

• Central database stored on a secured hosted server
• Access to database via password protected web portal,
• No software installation required
• Modular hardware, easy to install
• Wireless bi-directional data communication via GPRS
• Automatically generated e-mail alerts
• GPS localisation

Optafleet web portal
Optafleet Web Dashboard

Event Examples

• Impact detection
• Engine events such as low oil or overheating
• Vehicles exceeding pre-set zones (geofencing)
• Overspeeding
• Driver license renewal
• Service intervals

Optafleet Product Video


Pedestrian Alert System (PAS)

Intelligent Pedestrian Alert System (IPAS)

Ultrasonic Proximity Alert System (USENS)

Rear View Camera System (IVIEW)



Screen size:
3.5 inch TFT with LED backlight.

Display buttons:
4 reinforced buttons

Supply voltage:
12 Vcc (from ECU)

Power consumption:
250 mA

Temperature range:
-20°C – +70°C

Internal CAN-Bus

Protection class:

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

12V – 48V dc.

Current consumption:
< 30mA in sleep mode.

Temperature range:
-40°C to +85°C..

9 configurable inputs, digital, analogue or frequency(3 of them).

CAN bus:
Configurable CAN bus input (under development).

Relay Outputs:
3 configurable relay outputs.

Protection class:

Additional modules:
Communication (GPRS).
GPS localisation (optional).


  • Driver access through RFID key (optional CardReader available).
  • Logging of up to 3 hour meters and 1 ODO meter (speed signal needed).
  • Logging of driver related events.
  • Intelligent Impact Sensor with 5 levels with adjustable thresholds (3 -axis).
  • Logging of vehicle events, speed, RPM, temperatures, pressures, GPS position etc. : 9 adjustable inputs.
  • Two way communication between vehicle and database over GPRS network (sim card) for data communication as well as over the air (OTA) updating of firmware and calibrations.
  • Local Bluetooth communication between ECU and technicians PC for diagnostics and calibration of the system (needs installation of OptaDiag software as well as special PC dongle).

RFID Key Reader

Reader type:
RFID Mifare.

5 V (from ECU).

Max current:
25 mA.

Temperature range:
-40°C to +85°C.

Humidity range:
0 ÷ 100%.

Protection class:

CAN bus.

Driver info:
2 LEDs and buzzer.

Impact Sensor

Intelligent sensor:
3-axis accelerometer.

Impact Levels:
5 adjustable impact levels.

Adjustment range:
± 50g.

12 V (from ECU).

Max current:
25 mA.

Temperature range:
-40°C to +85°C.

Humidity range:
0 ÷ 100%.

Protection class:

CAN bus.



Optafleet Brochure

Cloud Services

Via secured login the web application allows for a real time insight to vehicles and drivers. The system language is automatically set to your choice.

The general dashboard page provides a quick overview of the actual status of vehicles, drivers and events. Alerts and reminders are shown in colours and by clicking on them you will zoom in and get detailed information about the event.

Examples of events:

  • License renewal reminder
  • Service interval reminder
  • Impact detection
  • Exceeding pre-set limits
  • Overspeeding