• ColdMark

    Temperature Indicators

    Encased in a cylindrical tube, specially formulated fluids turn from clear to violet when exposed to temperatures below the predetermined activation temperature level.

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Welcome to ShockWatch

At Shockwatch Pty Ltd, we are leading providers of damage prevention products for goods in transit, fleet monitoring equipment for manufacturing and warehouse operations and industrial safety and accident prevention solutions. Our products help reduce damage related costs in the transportation and storage of fragile or temperature sensitive goods and improve safety in the workplace.

Our Product Range

Impact and Tilt Indicators and Recorders

Our Impact and Tilt indicators and recorders continually monitor and report in real-time the shock, vibration and environmental conditions experienced by structures, facilities or equipment during transit, storage and operation.

Temperature Indicators and Recorders

Our Temperature indicators and recorders range from simple , single use to reusable recorder solutions for monitoring your product has not been exposed to unacceptable temperatures that could negatively affect product quality, safety or shelf life.

Time Indicators

Our Timestrip Time Indicators offer a helpful visual reminder of service and maintenance schedules for consumable components. Accurate and reliable, they help ensure optimum performance from appliances that need replacement indicators or service reminder indicators in order to function effectively.

Fleet Management Solutions

Our Fleet Management Solutions are world leaders in generating forklift safety, reduced damage and an accident-free workplace. Mounted directly to your equipment, TotalTrax Equipment Monitors ensure proper usage around the clock.

Accident Prevention Solutions

Our Accident Prevention Solutions assist in the prevention of workplace accidents between forklift trucks and pedestrians. Extend the system to trigger lights at blind corners and intersections and forklift to forklift detection. Speed limit forklifts within an area of your facility or prevent occupational hazards on converyor belts or in recycling pits.

Safety Knives

Our Safety Knives reduce accidents, increase productivity and save time. With models ranging from fixed or retractable blades, depth settings, tape splitters and more, we have the range to suit your needs.


Our Deibrillators feature the same advanced technology trusted by emergency medical professional yet are simple to use. They are designed specifically for the first person to respond to a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

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