Person holding blood samples

Temperature Monitoring Devices In The Transit of Testing Kits and Blood Samples

Strict regulations are in place when it comes to the transport of any organic matter or medical equipment. During what appears to be the end of the coronavirus curve for Australia, maintaining proper compliance with temperature monitoring guidelines is ever so important. When transporting testing kits and blood samples, triple packaging must be used to prevent spills and leakages, according to the Australian Department of Health. The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines also state that coronavirus specimens “must be refrigerated within a temperature range of 2-8°C and must be processed 72 hours after collection.” Any non-compliance with this standard of transportation is cause for sample rejection upon arrival, so always be in control when moving testing kits and blood samples to ensure you help beat the curve!

Specifically, COVID-19 virus organisms are liable to die if temperature extremes vary outside of a comfortable zone, creating false negatives on test results for patients that, in reality, still have the disease. This could be an utter disaster if it happened. At ShockWatch, we have large stores of temperature indicators ready to control the climate used in transporting test specimens of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

It’s worth noting that our suppliers have experienced commercial labs requesting coronavirus samples being stored at -20°C in transit prior to delivery. You should definitely ask your lab. Also, if you’re working outside a 72-hour window for delivery or if delays in testing or shipping are expected, you can store your testing kits and blood samples at -70°C or below, according to the American Centre for Disease Control and’s Scientific Reports. The temperature at which you store test specimens of the coronavirus disease and other medical samples is critical, and you must invest in temperature indicators before transporting these, to make sure they always remain at safe temperatures.

The TempU series is our most-recent range of temperature monitoring devices that help ensure on-road climate control devices are operating with maximum precision. These sterile devices offer an alarm warning system when the temperature range of goods in transport swings towards a value not ideal for its protection. The data is logged via USB to a pdf document, so time isn’t wasted when samples that have been left outside an acceptable temperature range are delivered. The devices are placed in boxes throughout transport and are accessible via USB on PC on arrival.

  • Our TempU 02 is a temperature monitoring device.
  • Our TempU 03 is a temperature and humidity monitoring device.
  • Our TempU 04 is our premium model with on-screen data display and no software needed.

We are Australia’s no.1 supplier of single-use and reusable temperature monitoring devices used in the transport of testing kits and blood samples. Our temperature indicators are made by A-grade manufacturers who we partner with, and are available to order now.