Record Impact During Forklift Operation

How to reliably record impact during forklift operation? This is important to ensure proper operation and safety. This is also important in improving the performance of your equipment, lengthening its useful lifespan and minimising the downtime.

In other words, impact recording during forklift operation has several safety and cost benefits. Both the company and the drivers will benefit. In addition, this will lead to increased productivity in the workplace.

Effective impact recording

Sudden or frequent impacts can damage forklifts and other machineries. If the shock is beyond acceptable range (or it happens very frequently), some of the machine parts might get loose. This might also affect the performance and efficiency of the machine.

Even frequent unacceptable vibrations can also affect equipment performance. It could be a sign of deterioration or just a required maintenance. It’s important to monitor those vibrations and impacts if you want to prevent problems early on.

One recommended way to do this is to perform real-time monitoring on your equipment. You should be able to get notifications if there are impacts or vibrations beyond acceptable levels. This way, you can take measures right away and prevent further damages.

OpsWatch WiFi Impact and Vibration Recorder

This is a recommended device in real-time monitoring of equipment operation and performance. It monitors real-time low frequency shock and vibration. Any unacceptable deviation would alert the management for early problem prevention. It can stream the data through WiFi communication.

ShockLog 298

This is also a recommended device in monitoring shocks and impacts. In addition to monitoring the equipment during operation, the ShockLog 298 is also able to monitor shocks even during transit and storage. This is valuable information because you can ensure proper transit and storage during the long idle hours.

Record impact during forklift operation

Monitoring impact in real time results to improved performance and productivity. This is also valuable in preventing problems early on. This is a proactive approach in keeping your forklift or fleet in top condition and extending their useful lifetime.

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