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Helping Prevent Forklift Accidents In The Workplace

Forklift accidents continue to be a source of liability and expense across the world. An estimated 20,000 injuries and 100 deaths occur each year due to forklift accidents. Pedestrian alert systems supplied by ShockWatch utilise sensors and highly noticeable audio-visual alerts to improve workplace safety and reduce instances of forklift accidents. Our intelligent pedestrian alert systems, ultrasonic proximity alert systems and rear view camera systems reduce instances of accident caused by:

  • Operator and pedestrian negligence.
  • Speeding/rushing.
  • Distractions.
  • Poor maintenance.
  • Environmental factors.

Workplace Risk Assessment

Before rushing to buy the technology, a thorough risk assessment of every work site must be undertaken to identify where these dangers may be present. Blind corners, high traffic areas, noise that may cause distraction, visual clutter and poor lighting are just some of the factors that can impact the prevalence of workplace incidents. Such hazards must be registered and training provided to help workers avoid these and other dangers. 

Workplace Training

Workers need constant training in warehouse safety operations to ensure they are not placed in harm’s way unnecessarily. When you decide to use a ShockWatch pedestrian safety system at your workplace, it’s best practice to provide training for forklift drivers and pedestrians alike. Workers should be instructed to:

  • Not use smartphones at any time.
  • Focus on the task at hand.
  • Perform repetitious work with a positive demeanour.
  • Seek replacement if they are fatigued.
  • Take their time completing work.
  • Respond to diversions from other vehicles or pedestrians appropriately.
  • Ignore radios or other music playing at work.
  • Respond to visual clutter appropriately.
  • Wear highly visible PPE at all times during their shift.

With training in place, the safety rating of your workplace will improve. 25% of warehouse workers are impacted by workplace incidents at some point, so the importance of training and safety technology has never been more important. 

Following a risk assessment and training, ShockWatch safety technology can be installed at any work site to alert forklift drivers to the presence of obstacles in their way. Our safety technology gives drivers enough time to react and adapt to their surroundings before an accident occurs.

Pedestrian Alert Systems

Shockwatch pedestrian alert systems use ultrawide band radio waves to allow devices attached to pedestrians and vehicles to communicate with each other when they come too close for comfort. Workers can simply attach a Pedestrian Tag to their card or keychain. In a similar fashion, forklifts can be fitted with a Pedestrian Alert System very easily and affordably. When the two devices come into close proximity with each other, sound or voice and visual alerts are played. Alerts will vary in tone and decibel level according to the proximity of obstacles to the forklift in motion.

Ultrasonic Proximity Alert Systems

Ultrasonic proximity alert systems operate using similar technology to standard pedestrian alert systems. These devices use ultrasonic waves to recognise the presence of obstacles around the forklift. Audio-visual alerts sound when an object comes within an unsafe distance of a forklift.

Rear View Camera Systems

Rear view camera systems can be combined with ultrasonic proximity alert systems to equip a forklift with a comprehensive array of safety sensors. The presence of obstacles is identified by camera attached to the rear of a forklift. Forklift drivers are alerted to the location of obstacles by visual alerts displayed on a digital screen located within the cabin.

Contact ShockWatch

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