Cold Chain Indicator: Importance in Packaging & Distribution

An accurate cold chain indicator is important in food and pharmaceutical industries. These industries use the indicator for identifying compromised goods and reducing product damage during packaging and delivery.

How food and pharma industries use temperature indicators

When temperatures fall below the pre-determined threshold, the products might incur damages. This can occur in medicines, vaccines and many food products.

To confirm if the temperatures were still in the threshold throughout the delivery and transport, people often perform inspections. The temperature indicators will provide that needed confirmation.

For instance, ColdMark temperature indicators turn from clear to violet when the temperature falls below the threshold. This is a clear visual indication to those who perform the inspections. They will also gain peace of mind that the goods were delivered according to specifications.

Exceeding the pre-determined temperature threshold

There are also cases when the temperature can exceed the threshold. This happens due to incorrect refrigeration, handling and packaging.

Rising temperatures can cause spoilage and total damage of goods. This is especially the case when the deliveries take days or weeks while the products are in storage.

WarmMark temperature indicators provide irreversible evidence when that situation occurs. The receivers can quickly decide whether to accept or reject the delivery because of the clear indication.

Maintain a strong reputation

Damaged goods due to temperature deviation can ruin a company’s reputation. If customers purchased a product and found it’s not up to quality standards anymore, this results to loss of customers and possibly legal complaints.

The company’s reputation will suffer. That’s why before they display the products on shelves (or even before the company accepts the deliveries), they have to make sure that the goods are stored within a safe temperature range.

Cold chain indicator Sydney

To make sure that your shipment was not exposed to temperatures above or below the threshold, temperature indicators will greatly help. You will gain peace of mind and quickly decide whether to accept or reject the deliveries.

At ShockWatch, we provide cost-effective and reliable temperature indicators. These will help protect your company’s reputation because you know that the goods you sell to your customers are up to quality standards.

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