How to Achieve High Safety in Fragile Goods Transport

How to achieve high safety in fragile goods transport? Fragile goods such as antiques, collectibles, glass bottled beverages and sensitive electronics require extra care. They need to be delivered and received still intact and unbroken. This presents a huge challenge to both small businesses and multinational corporations.

Every step of the supply chain should be transparent and monitored. Item preparation, packaging, carrying into trucks, transit and receiving should have monitoring solutions in place. This is to determine which of the steps is responsible for the mishandling or damage (and thereby eliminate failure points in the future).

An example in product transit

Just a one-time sudden impact is enough to compromise the integrity of a package. For example, computers and other electronics are sensitive to impacts. Some of the parts might loosen or the whole casing might get disintegrated.

Whether it’s a shipment for a small business or a huge corporation, a clear visual indicator for impacts should be in place. For instance, the ShockWatch Labels Impact Indicators turn bright red when the package received an acceptable level of impact. The receiver could then instantly determine if there’s mishandling once the package arrives.

If there’s no mishandling (or if there’s still impact but within acceptable levels), the indicator will remain white. This is very useful when receiving multiple packages in one delivery. There will be less time for inspection and more assurance that the item was properly handled every step of the way.

Why visual indicators are important

Perhaps the delivery is rushed and the products should be displayed or stored immediately, which is why there’s no thorough inspection performed for the products.

However, damage signs might not be apparent at first when the package is received. The damages might only become noticeable once the products are in display or in use. Later on you might discover that some parts of the item are broken or loosened due to mishandling.

This is where visual indicators are valuable. It’s a quick, accurate and efficient way of determining if there’s mishandling in the first place. If there is (the visual indicator turned bright red), it’s very likely that the goods inside the package are damaged.

Safety in fragile goods transport Sydney

Here at ShockWatch, we specialise in damage prevention of goods during transit and storage. We have accurate and economical solutions to protect your fragile goods during shipping and delivery. As a result, our clients (including small businesses and Fortune 100 corporations) have more control over their shipment.

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