Handling Fragile Goods Sydney: How to Prevent Damages

Handling fragile goods is a challenge for both small businesses and huge corporations. After all, handling the goods can be as critical as how they were manufactured.

For instance, a pastry company takes all precautions in creating the cupcakes. Personnel have purchased the best ingredients, maintained the optimal temperature and made sure the oven and other equipment are in their top condition but during delivery time, the cupcakes were exposed to less than ideal temperatures. It could also be that these received damages as a result of mishandling. It might also be that the cupcakes didn’t arrive on time.

The meaning of fragility

Fragility is not all about the breaking of goods. It’s also about spoilage and deadlines. If the goods were exposed to less than ideal conditions during shipping, the quality, usability and acceptability of the products will be in question.

This affects many industries and sectors such as food, beverage, chemicals, antiques, medicine, schools, materials and government agencies. Whether it’s for consumption, construction, leisure or historical purposes, handling fragile goods is as important as producing them.

How to handle fragile goods

Aside from careful handling of goods, determining if it’s truly the case is also important. That’s why proper monitoring of what happens during shipping has become a priority for many companies.

One way to monitor the state of goods during shipping is by using indicators. For example, ShockWatch have developed impact, tilt and temperature indicators to show mishandling during shipping.

Impact Indicators and Tilt indicators show clear signs of unacceptable impacts or tilting during handling and shipping of liquids, electronics and other items. The receiving company can immediately determine if the products were handled properly.

On the other hand, temperature indicators are especially critical in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Spoilage and bacterial growth are major issues. A temperature deviation can compromise these kinds of products.

Handling fragile goods Sydney

Today, there’s a wide range of products available to help you monitor the state of your goods during delivery. At ShockWatch, many companies rely on us for that purpose.

For over 30 years, we’ve been focusing on creating products for detecting mishandling during shipping. Whether it’s for tilting or temperature deviation, we have it all.

If you have any questions about the handling of your particular product, contact us today. We will provide you with reliable and cost-effective solutions.