How to Prevent Equipment Damage During Transportation

How to prevent equipment damage during transportation? One ideal way is to make the entire supply chain transparent. To accomplish that, using a reliable real-time monitoring system to track tilt, shock, humidity and temperature during equipment transit.


Tracking unacceptable levels of tilt and shock

Forklifts and other material handling equipment can incur damage during the transit and before their actual operations. Vibrations and tilting can make the engines, gears and other parts loose and dysfunctional. In addition, unacceptable vibrations and tilting are just the first signs of mishandling. When these are present, it’s also possible that the equipment was mishandled in other ways.

For example, there’s an indication that a forklift received a shock beyond acceptable levels. This might damage the engine and/or the battery compartment. How did it occur? The forklift might have collided with a neighbouring forklift while in transit or while they’re being carried onto a ship or a truck. It’s also possible that the forklift tipped over (unacceptable tilting) and the engine compartment received most of the impact.


Tracking unacceptable temperature and humidity deviation

Aside from impact and tilting, proper temperature and humidity are also important in proper equipment transit. Freezing temperatures can affect the engines and hydraulics systems of forklifts and other material handling equipment. In contrast, high temperatures can greatly affect the fluid levels in the forklift during transit.

Huge temperature deviations (whether higher or lower temperatures) for a prolonged period of time can compromise the equipment’s integrity. This can affect the engines and other crucial parts (both electronic and mechanical) of the forklift.


Prevent equipment damage during transportation

To prevent damages before the equipment is actually installed, crucial parameters such as shock, tilting, humidity and temperature should be monitored during transit. It’s especially the case with shock and tilting since these could have the most impact on the mechanical and electronic parts of forklifts and other material handling equipment.

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