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How to Monitor Vibration During Equipment Transit

How to monitor vibration during equipment transit? This is crucial in ensuring that the machine was properly handled during its transport. If there’s mishandling (or unacceptable level of vibration), the order should be rejected so that the company will only receive equipment in top condition.

In addition, the transit could be as important as the quality of the equipment itself. It’s similar to the proper handling of goods during deliveries. If there’s unacceptable agitation and mishandling, the quality of the goods will be compromised.


How vibration affects equipment performance and lifespan

Vibrations occur whether during actual operation or just when moving equipment from one place to another. The gears, bearings, motors and other parts can only handle a limited range of vibration level. Beyond that range, damage becomes more common or more likely.

As a result, the efficiency and even the useful lifespan of the equipment will be affected. This results in poorer performance and even safety risks. Equipment below an optimal condition can also affect the handling of goods and packages. The goods might get dropped or the manoeuvring will become difficult, if not impossible.


Real-time monitoring of vibration

It’s difficult to assess whether there’s unacceptable vibration during transit and shipment. That’s why it’s more effective and accurate to monitor the equipment’s condition in real-time. After all, many of the vibrations might just be momentary (and yet critical to the equipment’s condition).

One way to accomplish this is by installing OpsWatch Wifi Impact and Vibration Recorders. These will allow you to monitor the vibration levels in real-time since the data is transmitted through WiFi communication.

There are other solutions and methods to accomplish the same objective. But the overall goal remains the same. It’s to ensure the integrity of the equipment transit so the receiver will have a guarantee that the machinery was transported properly.


Monitor vibration during equipment transit

Here at ShockWatch, our focus is on Damage Prevention in the handling of goods and equipment during transit. We have a wide range of products for monitoring vibrations and shocks received by machinery during transport, storage and even actual operation.

Contact us today and let’s discuss the most cost-effective solution for preventing damages to your material handling equipment.