Forklift Safety Now Improved With Proximity Alert System

Forklift Proximity Alarms Deliver Better Warehouse Safety

ShockWatch has recently added two new products to its Accident Prevention Solutions range, the Ultrasonic Proximity Detection System (USENS) and the Rear View Camera System (IVIEW). Both these systems help to provide greater safety outcomes for forklift operators in manufacturing or warehouse environments. The USENS system can be coupled with the IVIEW system to assist forklift operators to avoid objects when navigating tight corners or in areas with low visibility. 

Using the USENS system alone will result in a beeping sound to detect objects nearby. The alarm beeps faster the closer the forklift moves towards any object. When used together with the IVIEW system, a visual feed will also be provided to complement the alarm. The USENS sensors detect objects and people from a distance of three metres. 

Greater forklift safety procedures can be achieved by implementation of a forklift proximity warning system. These alert systems enhance any industrial working environment by providing visual and sound alerts when in the detection zone. The risk of collision is reduced for forklift operators by employing a forklift proximity alert safety system.

The USENS System

The USENS system can be installed at the front and rear of the forklift. Alarms will sound whenever there is an object in close proximity to the forklift up to three metres away. The system can be installed to sound an alarm either when moving forward and in reverse or when just reversing only. When the alarm is heard, the operator should stop immediately to ascertain the risk. 

The USENS device uses ultrasonic waves to detect when objects are too close to the operating forklift. Soundwaves are transmitted by the device and bounce off close by objects and pedestrians to the device. When something is too close for comfort, the device will give an audio and visual LED alert.

The IVIEW System

The IVIEW visual feed uses a rear vision camera and a 7-inch display at the front of the forklift. A video display of whatever lies behind a forklift can be displayed to the driver at all times or only when reversing. Objects and people behind the forklift will be clearly visible on the head up display to help operators see what is behind them to avoid collisions. 

Enhance the safe working conditions of your warehouse operations today. It’s worth considering ShockWatch’s Ultrasonic Proximity Detection System (USENS) and Rear View Camera System (IVIEW). The two devices either used alone or together help prevent object and pedestrian collisions and improve the overall health and safety within a work environment. 

These devices can be installed on all types of MHE, not just forklifts.

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