How to Effectively Prevent Forklift Damage and Accidents

How to effectively prevent forklift damage and accidents? It’s a combination of strict procedures, high standards, preventive measures and the right tools for the workplace. In this short article, we’ll focus on the right tools. Let’s get started and take it step by step.

What are the tools available for accident prevention?

First, what are the common accidents during forklift operation? Let’s start with collisions. These collisions occur because of blind spots, unauthorised driving and improper operation. The tools you’ll be using for forklift accident prevention should address all those issues.

For instance, blind spots are best addressed by having an alert system in place. If there’s a forklift, truck or pedestrian nearby, the driver or the other party should be alerted. This system is especially valuable in intersections, corners and crossings. This is also important in people-dense areas.

For these situations, one or a combination of alert systems should be in place. In many workplaces, there are now alert systems installed to notify forklift drivers and pedestrians in blind spots, intersections and even narrow aisles.

Preventing unauthorised driving and improper operation

Unauthorised driving could also lead to collisions. Accountability could also be an issue because the blame could be placed on the wrong person. That’s why the forklifts should only be operated by certified drivers.

The Optafleet Fleet Management System is especially designed for that. With this installed in your fleet, only certified drivers will be able to operate the equipment. You can set up the access regarding which operators are only authorised to do the driving. Moreover, the Optafleet can also log in the driver ID, date, time and other event details in case an accident occurs.

Aside from unauthorised driving, improper operation of the forklifts also result to costly damages and delays. One way to prevent these is by having Optafleet installed. It’s very useful in utilisation monitoring for material handling equipment such as forklifts. It can detect real-time impacts and alert the management instantly. This helps in preventing further damages and delays.

Prevent forklift damages and accidents

Here at ShockWatch, we offer other solutions that effectively prevent forklift damages and accidents. We have alert systems and mounted devices that can reduce collisions and improve workplace safety and productivity. Contact us today and let’s discuss how to improve forklift safety in your workplace.