Crossing Guard in warehouse1

Claitec Crossing Guard Prevents Forklift Accidents

Intersections in warehouses are high risk zones where unfortunate accidents sometimes take place. Collisions and accidents occur when there is not enough visibility to safely navigate around corners or intersections. Claitec’s Crossing Guard prevents such accidents by alerting forklift drivers or pedestrians to the presence of other forklifts or pedestrians in the area they are working in.

The Crossing Guard is usually installed at intersections in warehouses to provide visual alerts to forklift drivers and pedestrians. As the forklift driver or pedestrian approaches the intersection, the traffic light on the Crossing Guard will change to red or green with either a bluespot light or projected image displayed indicating permission to cross or stop.  This safety information can help prevent an accident.

The product borrows some of the elements already present in the market, while incorporating a series of unique developments and innovations from Claitec with the goal of creating a product that really makes a difference in terms of improving job safety levels.

The Crossing Guard’s radar technology is capable of distinguishing between pedestrians and forklifts. It can also differentiate between a forklift approaching a high risk zone and one leaving it. Neither pedestrians nor forklifts need a device with them to be recognised by the system. The system will identify all warehouse workers or forklifts in the area as a standalone device. Detection distances can be configured also.

The Crossing Guard system is programmable to provide pedestrian or truck priority, whether you prefer all the traffic lights to be red or one only for example.

The device is characterised by:

  • A sturdy aluminium support frame.
  • A mounting height of 3 to 7 metres.
  • Very easy handling at height.
  • A maximum direction speed of 25km/h for forklifts.

Furthermore, any confusion that may occur as to which traffic light is applicable on approach is mitigated by separation fins on the device. The forklift drivers or pedestrian can only see one traffic light , no matter their position. The device can be hung with standard tensioners or using a support with VESA standard holes.

Two Claitec Crossing Guard models are available from ShockWatch. We supply both Bluespot and Visual Alert Systems (VAS), both of which come in 2, 3 and 4-face traffic lights. 

Contact us at Shockwatch today so we can discuss your requirements further. We supply all over Australia and will be doing everything we can to assist in the supply of warehouse safety equipment designed to prevent accidents and minimise risk. We’re open for busines Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm and look forward to receiving your call.