Tilt Sensors & Indicators: How to Ensure Proper Handling

Tilt sensors and indicators help monitor the proper shipping and handling of goods such as liquids, batteries, flowers, electronics and machinery. That’s because tilting can damage the goods (and even make them totally defective).

How it works?

A tilt indicator works by manifesting a visible sign when an item is tipped on its side or completely upended. For instance, the TiltWatch XTR turns red if the container totally flipped or tilted over 80 degrees. The receiving personnel can then inspect the indicator and determine if the item was handled properly.

Why it’s important?

Many tilt sensors work by detecting the tilting over 80 degrees. When certain items are tilted to that level, they might become damaged.

A good example is chemicals and other liquids. Tilting of these critical goods can result to spills. This can pose safety and health risks. In addition, a tilt indication can mean agitation of the liquids during shipping and handling.

Even if there are no safety risks, proper handling of the goods is still important. One reason is compliance. Another is showing the receiver that the delivery company is being responsible with the shipping and handling.

Why tilt sensors are effective?

Many tilt indicators create a permanent bond with the container once they’re set. This way, they can’t be replaced and the delivery personnel won’t be able to erase the sign of mishandling.

The receivers and inspectors of goods will gain peace of mind that the items were handled properly. Tampering and replacement of the indicators will be almost impossible (or they’ll be obvious if someone tried to).

Moreover, false positives and false negatives will also be prevented. The whole indicator is tamper-proof and resistant to moisture and humidity. The design of these indicators also account for normal handling conditions (e.g. aircraft takeoffs, ocean cargo).

That’s why many companies now utilise these indicators for the delivery, handling and receiving of critical goods. These are very effective in determining whether there’s a mishandling or none.

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