Simple Tips for Preventing Mining Accidents

Mining is an inherently dangerous occupational activity where accidents occur as a result of many different reasons. Each year, mining related accidents account for the loss of several lives around the world. In order to avoid such painful incidents, it is important that the mining companies invest adequately in employee safety. 

In spite of the risks associated with mining, preventing mining accidents isn’t too difficult if the right safety measures and solutions are followed. With the advent of modern accident prevention tools, protecting mining workers is not as difficult as it used to be in the past. 

Mentioned below are some of the most effective ways to prevent accidents in a mine. 

  • The first step towards ensuring mining safety is to be mindful of the fact that mining is a hazardous activity. Accept the fact that this industry presents too many dangers to deal with and demands an extreme level of alertness every moment on the job. Therefore, every mining worker should never let their guards down. Just a moment of carelessness can very easily lead to dire consequences. 
  • As most of the mining related tasks are dangerous in nature, they require elaborate planning and communication. While planning these tasks, in addition to efficient execution, extra time and money must allotted for safety. When trying to boost the quality of work or trying to meet deadlines, never compromise the safety of your employees. Assess all potential risks and try to eliminate them, if possible. In areas where risks still remain, provide clear instructions to the team and educate them on risk mitigation. 
  • Regular safety training should be provided to all team members. Even the old employees of the company should attend refresher courses. Health and fitness checks should be carried out for workers handling strenuous roles to find out whether their health is good enough to deal with the physical demands of their work.
  • Personal protection equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, and helmets should be mandatory for all mining workers. Many potentially hazardous incidents can be avoided by using these gears at all times.
  • The entire team should be under strict supervision to ensure that the safety instructions are followed without any exception. The supervisor should be diligent about enforcing the rules and should be aware of the whereabouts of each team member working in different shifts. 
  • It is important to define all safety procedures clearly defined so that each team member knows what they should do during an emergency situation. While documenting these procedures, explain different incidents that may take place, contact persons, and what should be done.
  • Follow the latest safety standards and service all safety equipment regularly. Avoid using out-dated equipment, even for a short period of time. 

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