Shockwatch Impact Label

Safety Technology In Technology Freight: Impact Labels

Quality Impact Labels are an easy way to pick up on otherwise invisible tell-tale signs that a package has been mishandled. Apply an impact label to the exterior packaging used in transport of technology. By doing so you will deter mishandling and reduce accidental damage to products during transit.

You want to prevent damage at work at all costs. This is especially true when product liability insurance doesn’t cover your team from mishandling goods at work. It’s situations like this that call for the use of high visibility ShockWatch Impact Labels. Damaged goods can cause large expenses to manufacturers and suppliers. By deterring mishandling, you can save your company millions of dollars.

Some of our clients have, prior to investing in our services, seen 60% of their packages suffering damage during shipment. After employing ShockWatch Impact Labels, however, this figure has been reduced to 10%. You can image the huge savings available following implementation of mishandling deterrent labels available from ShockWatch.

Our quality labels are available in a variety of colours to denote the sensitivity of the label. When they strike a surface, they turn bright red to indicate that the package has been treated roughly or dropped by accident. This is a good indication of whether or not there is damage sustained by the contents of the package. No matter how delicate the products you’re shipping are, we have an Impact Label that will detect mishandling during transport.

Items like TVs, computer screens, computers, laptops are very delicate. When it comes to shipping and freight operations, it pays to ensure these goods are labelled very visibly. This ensures protection and safeguards consumers shopping online from goods being declared damaged on arrival. White goods too can be damaged during transport, rendering them unusable. With use of ShockWatch impact labels, those responsible for the transport of such goods will assuredly display extra caution. 

Similarly, heavier components used in medical applications and scientific endeavours must be protected during transit. One of the most effective ways to do this is with a ShockWatch high impact label. Improve product handling standards in the supply chain by employing our labels. Product handling employees will treat your package appropriately at all times when they see the Impact Label during transit. This will reduce the occurrences of damage to products during shipping.

Our product range will denote any and all safety misnomers that occur during transport. Suppliers can rest assured that the greatest care will be taken with their products following use of a ShockWatch Impact Label. Sealed with a ShockWatch impact label, your technology products have a greater chance of arriving at their destination unharmed. Any mishandling will be readily evident.

Our labels are available in five different sensitivities. Each is designed for use on packages of different weight and size. We have options to suit your supply chain no matter what product you are shipping. Any mishandling can easily be identified upon arrival which makes the process of reclaiming any losses due to damaged goods far more achievable. This saves you money and makes sure your products are handled as safely as possible.

ShockWatch also supplies technology that works well in conjunction with impact labels in technology shipping. Companion Labels and Alert Tape are both available on our website. Information included in our product brochures can inform you about which product is best for your situation, no matter what you are shipping. Our products aim to improve the chain of accountability in all product handling situations. If you have any questions about our products related to your circumstances, please give us a call.

ShockWatch is open for enquiries 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. We urge those in the technology sector to consider ShockWatch impact labels as a way to regulate damage control and mitigate any safety risks present in the workplace. Call our friendly team on 02 9586 1933 with any questions or to place an order for our high visibility Impact Labels.