Impact Recorders Help Reduce Asset Liability

Reduce Transportation Damage using Impact Recorders

All goods related companies know their goods are exposed to many different types of hazards throughout the entire transportation cycle. Knowing where the issues occur, help companies understand the risks their products are subjected to and help to identify where damage may be occurring and to ensure the item is inspected when it arrives at its destination. It is possible to find out the issues encountered to any shipment during transportation using different technologies. One of these technologies is an Impact Recorder which is used extensively because of its benefits.  

In this brief discussion, we will discuss the capabilities of using an Impact Recorder and how it can help companies know how their goods are handled throughout the transportation cycle. 

Understanding Impact Recorders and its Technology:

An Impact Recorder may be defined as a device used during transportation for the purpose of recording factors that are capable of causing damage to a product throughout the transportation cycle. Some of these factors include vibrations, changes in temperature and humidity and trial-axial accelerations.
Impact recorders are used to: 

  • Detect impacts that may cause damage
  • Minimise losses and damage claims
  • Optimisation of the packaging design and performance
  • Being able to react when excessive force/vibration has been recorded before installation 

Impact recorders carry out continuous recording during transportation and can deliver highly precise measurements. These devices may be powered by internal as well as external power. They operate within a wide range of temperatures and can detect different types of movements such as impacts, tilting, pitch and rolls, tri-axial accelerations and vibrations. Impact Recorder data can also be input into a shaker table to re-create the vibrations seen on the journey.

Why do Companies Need an Impact Recorder?    

In order to reduce losses, companies that ship different products need to analyse the conditions of transport and identify if there may be the possibility of hidden or visible damage when delivered. Impact Recorders are an amazingly useful device in this regard. This, in turn, allows companies to take adequate measures before costly installations. 

There are a number of situations under which companies may need an Impact Recorder. Some of these include:

  • Allow the receiver to determine whether unexpected impacts have occurred on the journey and whether those impacts were within acceptable limits. That insight helps determine the level of inspection the equipment needs.
  • Identify typical shipping conditions and 
  • Improve processes and packaging
  • Understand product tolerances
  • Evaluate shipping lanes, carriers, and handlers

Whatever the purpose of use, using an Impact Recorder can give shippers the knowledge to know what has occurred on the journey. 

At ShockWatch, we have a wide range of Impact Recorders capable of monitoring and reporting shock, vibration and environmental conditions continuously whether as a standalone recorder or in real-time during operation, storage, and transit. Please contact us and talk to one of our experts to find out more.