Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in Safety Knives  

If you represent a business that prioritises workplace safety as its foremost concern, safety knives can be an excellent option for you. These cutting tools are used all over the world to minimise accidents at work. Recent figures suggest that more than 50% of workplace accidents associated with manual work tools can be attributed to knives or different types of cutting devices. Hand knife injuries occur in workplaces when a knife slips during trimming or cutting. In most instances, a laceration is caused to the worker’s other hand or its fingers. Other body parts may also suffer injuries because of unsafe use of knives.  

A safety knife may be defined as a utility knife with an adapted design or additional features to reduce the probability of injury to users. These knives are extremely common in warehouses, delivery and logistics departments, and stores. Some of their most common uses include opening boxes and packages, cutting and disposing of packages, cutting tapes and strapping materials, tearing shrink wrap, and much more.  

More and more companies across the globe are now willing to invest in safety knives because it can save them a lot of money in the long run. Workplace accidents are expensive affairs for any employer, in terms of loss of productivity as well as workers’ compensation claims. Both these concerns can be addressed by the use of safety knives. Moreover, by providing a safe working environment to its workers, businesses can improve employee morale and build their reputation. In addition to preventing workplace injuries, safety knives can also prevent goods from getting damaged while cutting the packaging materials. It is also worth mentioning that safety knives are extremely user-friendly and can have cutting efficiencies similar to regular knives. 

Blades play an important role in the design and functionality of safety knives. These sharp cutting tools are usually made of stainless steel, carbon steel, or even ceramic, and are used in conjunction with knife handles. Many safety knives come equipped with extremely sharp blades, but they also offer additional safety features. As a result, the risk of injury gets reduced without compromising the efficiency of the workers.   

Safety Knife Classification 

Based on their safety features, safety knives can be classified into three categories. In safety knives with automatic blade retraction, the blade of the knife disappears into its handles as soon as the thumb of the user goes off the slider. Also, as the blades get retracted automatically, the knives are never left in the drawer or on the table with the extended blade.  

While using safety knives with fully automatic blade retraction, the blade retracts into the handle automatically, even if the slider is pressed or the trigger is pulled by the user.  These safety knives can help prevent possible leg cuts while cutting a cardboard box or opening a box with a swing.  

The safest of all utility knives are safety knives equipped with concealed blades.  These knives are extremely safe to use because only a small part of their blades are used for cutting and the rest of the blade remains hidden. This unique design eliminates all contact between the user and the knife blade. They also protect the reliability of goods stored in packages and boxes.   

If you are serious about protecting your workers from accidental cuts resulting from unsafe use of knives, please take a look at our range of highly effective safety knives.