Prevent Forklift Accidents Using Proximity Alert Systems

Ensuring safety in workplaces is a top priority for warehouse operators and owners.  Out of all accidents taking place in warehouses, a significant percentage can be attributed to forklifts. These industrial trucks play a significant role in warehouse operations, but can be very dangerous. They have a weight of around 4,000 kilograms and can travel at speeds up to 30 kilometres per hour. Most importantly, unlike other vehicles, forklifts only have brakes on the front wheel. Also, to compensate for heavy loads carried in its front portion, the rear ends are heavier. This means that their weights are not evenly distributed.  

Using a proximity alert systems is an effective way to ensure forklift and pedestrian safety. However, to use these safety systems effectively, both operators as well as pedestrians must be trained with your occupational health and safety requirements. Only licensed operators should be allowed to operate a forklift, using all appropriate safety gear. The floor area where a forklift operates must be even, smooth, and free from all types of dangerous objects. A forklift should never be overloaded and its load should always be distributed evenly. Floor marking and barriers can also be implemented to keep everyone safe in the warehouse.    

What is a Proximity Alert System? 

Proximity alert systems are extremely useful warehouse tools that help avoid accidents by sending audible and visual warnings to both the forklift operator and the pedestrian when the forklift comes into range of a pedestrian or another forklift. The forklift can also be made to slow down on detection of a pedestrian or another forklift or a flashlight if required. These advanced accident prevention systems function by utilising radio-frequency identification 

These Proximity Alert Systems have antennas or UWB units mounted on the forklift with a main control panel. Detection zones are created around the forklift for detection of pedestrian wearing Tags or other forklifts. Audible and visual alerts are created whenever a pedestrian tag or another forklift come within the set range. The detection zones are adjustable and can either be set easily to give up to a 30m detection range depending on type of system used.

These systems can be expanded to but not limited to:

  • Slowdown the forklift on pedestrian or other forklift detection if the forklift has speed limiting capability
  • Activate a Flashlight at a blind corner or doorway
  • Activate an image on the ground from a Projector like a pedestrian crossing, stop sign etc
  • Lock/unlock a gate or door automatically when a forklift is approaching

At ShockWatch, we offer advanced forklift proximity warning systems that are being used with great results by numerous companies across Australia. Please get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements further.