Monitor your forklift fleet with Optafleet Fleet Management System

Monitor your forklift fleet with the Optafleet Fleet Management System to detect impacts and collect usage data in real time. The configurable pre-shift safety checklist, accessible on an audio-visual display, ensures that you stay OH&S compliant and dramatically increases safety in your facility. Enhanced tracking capabilities allow you to quickly locate your equipment when you need it. Automatic alerts via e-mail, text message and phone keep you informed about maintenance and training needs so you can plan accordingly and minimize the related costs.

An extensive array of sensor inputs gather usage, impact, and operator data, while configurable inputs and events allow you to collect custom data. Collecting and analysing this data is simple with the Optafleet software and reporting functionality. Customize your settings and restrictions, and record events so that you always know your facility is operating safely — with the data to prove it.

The Optafleet system can be easily customised to reflect the unique needs of your workplace. By focusing on what is most important to your organization, you will have the real-time data you need to keep your equipment running safely and in compliance.

The units are easily fitted to any type of mobile equipment especially sites with a mixed fleet of brands.

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