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Importance of Tilt Indicator Labels in Shipping  

We often overlook the danger of products being tilted while being shipped. Tilting can cause unexpected and significant damage to a wide range of products. For example, when shipping items with compressors such as refrigerators or freezers, prolonged tilting may compromise seals and cause the fluids to leak. Tilting beyond a certain limit may also cause severe damage to flat screen televisions. As the carrier vehicle turns, stops or accelerates, a gravitational force is exerted on the cargo. This result in the shifting of the load, can distribute the stress encountered by individual items and cause them to be compromised. In addition to these issues, tilting can very easily lead to accidental falls resulting in product damage and injuring the handlers.    

Tilt indicator labels provide an effective and inexpensive way to alert transporters and handlers about potential damage caused by tilting so that the shipment can be assessed upon arrival. Recent studies indicate that a tilt of 5 to 10 degrees can shift palletized, stretch-wrapped bottles by as much as 15 centimetres. The impact of this shift can even break the stretch wrap. Tilt indicators are used to understand the extent of titling while shipping products so that the impact of the tilt can be minimised. For example, it may be possible to minimise the risk by improving the packaging materials or changing the stacking pattern.  

Also, before implementing corrective actions, it is important to find out the cause of the damage.  If proof of unacceptable angles of tilt is available, it is much easier to assign accountability for the damage. With a tilt indicator, there is no guesswork involved in finding the potential cause of the damage.   

When packages are marked properly with tilt indicator labels, it creates an additional layer of protection by alerting handlers that the cargo is under surveillance. Naturally, this awareness makes carriers more careful while handling the packages. These labels function as simple visual indicators of different extreme orientations a package may experience relative to its vertical position.  It has been observed that the use of tilt indicator labels can reduce the probability of tilt related damage by more than 50%.  

Therefore, as a manufacturer, transporter or handler, if you are looking to build confidence in recipients of your goods, you just can’t ignore tilt indicator labels. During normal shipping, boxes often get crumpled or torn.  To ensure that the transported goods don’t fall on their top, flip around, or tip over on their side, you need a tamper-proof shipping tip indicator. If you are shipping packages that must remain upright, the same needs to be communicated to every person handling it between you and the end user. This includes all individuals in the supply chain including the delivery truck driver, warehouse staff, and the end user.      

At ShockWatch, we offer a range of highly advanced tilt indicators and related accessories to help your secure your shipments by eliminating unacceptable tilting of goods. Please contact us  today to discuss your specific requirements with our experts.