Impact Recorders Used In Mining

Impact Recorders And Their Use In the Transport and Mining Industries

In a previous post, we went into depth about the range of ShockWatch Impact Labels available on our website. The Impact Indicator technology discussed is but one damage prevention product utilised in the shipping and handling of fragile goods for use in the Transport and Mining industries.

ShockWatch Impact Recorders are an effective solution to monitor and record shock, vibration and environmental conditions experienced by any type of structure or equipment whether in use, in transit or in storage.

Especially recommended for use in the Aeronautical Industry, our Impact Recorders provide information for investigative and protective purposes of goods in transit and storage throughout the supply chain. Delicate mining components may also require monitoring as they’re transported to site or for maintaining stationary machinery.

ShockWatch Impact Recorders record deviations from a specified user defined impact threshold. When the product sustains a specific magnitude of impact over this defined impact threshold, some of our recorders show the impact magnitude and duration of the impact event.

Customers can program their ShockWatch Impact Recorder to evaluate impacts during transport or storage relative to the impact threshold set. Depending on the device used, reports are available via USB connection or as a real-time data stream. Time slot and summary data can be downloaded to the software via USB connection to archive impact event and journey data. Reports can be produced to show issues that may have occurred in the transportation of the product, making this knowledge a great tool.

The Shocklog series of Impact Recorders includes the Shocklog 248, Shocklog 298, Shocklog Cellular Impact and Tracking Recorder) and the Shocklog Satellite Impact Recording and Tracking System.

All these products have USB data download to the PC software at the journey’s end, whilst the Shocklog Cellular also uses the cellular network for real time data download and the Shocklog Satellite also uses the Satellite network for real time data download.

This wide range of Shocklog Impact Recorders are particularly versatile and can be combined with tilt, GPS, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors to monitor fixed or mobile installations and for investigating conditions during transport, storage or operation.

When a simpler recorder is required, the SpotBot Impact Recorder is available to transmit real time monitoring and recording the date and time and magnitude of impact breaches when in transit or storage.

The SpotSee web based cloud platform integrates with our real time devices and enables live monitoring of goods in transit.

Finally, the OpsWatch device uses WiFi to allow you to improve the performance and safety of your equipment, extend its lifetime and avoid any unplanned downtime and maintenance.

The device provides real time monitoring of low frequency shock and vibration to monitor when changes occur to stationary equipment. This device is really useful on mining equipment. OpsWatch devices are similarly used to record and monitor damage during shipping. You may avoid unplanned downtime and maintenance resulting from equipment movement either during transit or on-site by implementing this device.

Information included on our website gives an overview of our product range and we can assist you with the best solution for your particular monitoring situation. If you have any questions about our products related to your business, please give us a call.

ShockWatch is open for enquiries 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Anyone in the Transport and Mining sector who needs to monitor their products may like to consider ShockWatch Impact Recorders as a way to know what occurs to their products in transit or when in storage.

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