5 ways to help reduce your damage bill

Damage incurred during shipping is not uncommon, but it is largely due to poor handling techniques. When shipping products around the country (or around the world) they will be contained within nondescript cardboard boxes, so handlers can’t be expected to know the value or structural integrity of what lies within. Sticking a ShockWatch monitoring label on the packaging is a great way to make handlers accountable for their actions, leading them to take greater care. These indicators help to avoid unnecessary costs for your business, and they also instil a higher level of confidence within your customers.

Wasted product is no good for the environment, and it’s no good for your business’s margins either.  If you want to reduce your damage bill and keep customers happy, ShockWatch Impact Indicators are the answer. Here are 5 ways they can help.


1. High Visibility Helps to Change Handler Behaviour

It is impossible to miss a ShockWatch impact or temperature indicator. With a large display area and clear warning notice at the top, handlers will be more inclined to take care when moving your freight around. The black, white and red colour scheme immediately catches the eye when placed against plain cardboard packaging. Even from a few metres away, these labels send a very clear message – your freight is protected by ShockWatch. Accountability is the first step towards true damage prevention, and this is a great place to start.


2. Immediately Identify Compromised Freight

Your customers place their trust in you to deliver a fantastic product. Receiving a broken electrical item is never a pleasant experience, but with ShockWatch indicators, it will be immediately apparent if a fragile product has been dropped whilst in transit or storage. When an impact exceeding the threshold has occurred, the indicator will turn bright red. This enables the handler/your warehouse staff to immediately notify you so that you can take control of the situation, avoid having your customer receive a potentially broken item and implement strategies to prevent a recurrence. Even if the item arrives at the intended address, the recipient will know to check the integrity of the contents prior to accepting delivery.


3. Variable Sensitivity to Suit All Freight

If your product has been dropped or shock tested, you will have an idea of the level of impact it can sustain. When selecting a ShockWatch impact indicator, consult the label selection guide to determine the label which best suits your product. Rest assured that no matter what you deal in, we’ve got a label to match.


4. Affordable Damage Prevention

ShockWatch labels are single-use tamper-proof devices which are extremely affordable. Placing these labels on your shipments will help to reduce the risk of mishandling and potential product damage, saving your business valuable time, money and resources. ShockWatch Labels can reduce in-house and in-transit damage losses by more than 50%.


5. Confirms Effectiveness of Packaging

If you’ve recently changed the type of packing materials used, ShockWatch labels will help to confirm their effectiveness. You will soon know whether the type of packaging will protect the contents within, and if it can’t, you can immediately switch back to your old packaging before the endless stream of customer complaints start rolling in. After all, satisfied and confident customers are the backbone of any great business.


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