Forklift Safety Devices: How to Ensure Safe Operations

Forklift safety devices help reduce damages during equipment operation and material handling. This then results to cost savings and more importantly, improved safety for the operators and other personnel.

The forklift monitoring systems and safety devices provide real data that serve as reference for supervisors, managers and operators. They take out the guesswork because of the data being provided. The data can also be utilised for improving efficiency and minimising downtime.

Where safety devices should be used?

Monitoring systems and safety devices can be used in:

  • Electric and internal combustion forklifts
  • Rough terrain forklifts
  • Construction equipment

For example, rough terrain forklifts might require a more careful operation. If a safety device is installed, the operator will gain awareness about the safety practices. In addition, he will be accountable about his performance. This leads to a safer driving of the forklift.

Safety devices and monitoring systems may include a pre-shift safety checklist (up to 40 items). Operators can receive the instructions through visual display. Before each shift, drivers and operators will go through the list for compliance and safety. The vehicle could either be locked out for use or still able to be operated when a question has failed.

Real-time impact detection and recording of event details

Real-time information is important to both small businesses and huge corporations. This way, they can limit further damages and solve the issues quickly.

This is also the case with forklift operations. Once a collision occurs, supervisors and managers should be quick to assess the situation. They should receive a notification so they can act quickly.

In addition, the data should also include information about event details such as date, time and driver ID. This way, the management will know who is accountable. This is also a good way to monitor performance of the operators.

Multi-parameter monitoring

Aside from collisions, the monitoring system could also monitor temperature, fluid pressure, travel time and other relevant parameters. They should keep watch of any outliers or unusual behaviour of the equipment. This way, inspection or maintenance tasks will be performed before fully compromising the equipment and operators’ safety.

Forklift safety devices Sydney

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