Ensuring the Pedestrian Alert System is in full working order

Ensuring the Pedestrian Alert System is in full working order is done with the test tag.
The Test-Tag is a device that is installed within the detection zone of the PAS kit.
When the sensing field is fine, the Test Tag receives and sends a signal to the Activator AC-50 through High Frequency UHF radio waves and it records it as functioning properly.
If the sensing field decreases or stops, the Test Tag stops receiving the trigger signal and then sends a warning UHF signal to the AC-50 that the field is not being detected.
The Cyclically Activator signal expects the Test Tag to detect the signal and when it does not arrive, the activator fails and raises the truck’s alarm after 3 mins.
The test tag acts as a guard by continually monitoring the field of detection and alerting users in case of failure.
When the message of the test tag reaches the activator not only does it verify that the field is correct but it also confirms that the communication at 2.4 GHz is in functioning order.

Increasing the security alarm signal in the PAS.
It is possible to achieve a redundancy detection output out of PAS thanks to the AC-50 activator’s two relays with potential free contact. Both are activated when a person’s tag is detected in the safety zone.
Using these two relays in series we can achieve fault tolerance, redundancy thanks to the series’ circuit.
In the event that one of the two relays fails and stays on, the system will remain in safe mode. If the alarm signal fails a fault should occur in both relays.