Benefits of Shock and Tilt Indicators for Packaging

The packaging industry has always faced a huge challenge in the form of mishandling of products.  The consequences of product mishandling can be extremely serious, particularly while handling items that are delicate and sensitive. 

When something goes wrong when in transit, it is never easy to figure out when and how the damage took place. As a consequence of any such damage, businesses have to deal with replacements, recovery costs, and re-shipping. This is where Shock and Tilt indicators can assist by monitoring for impact and tilting a product may experience. As a result, we can clearly find out how and where the item was mishandled.  

Shock and Tilt Indicators Explained

Shock and tilt indicators may be referred to as mechanical devices capable of showing evidence of product mishandling during storage or transit. They can help businesses ensure the best possible treatment of their products because individuals handling the same could be held responsible for any damage if the package is mishandled by them. 

The monitoring mechanism used by these indicators is very simple and it is extremely easy to mount them on packages containing items like semi-conductor equipment, automotive, IT servers, medical equipment and much more. The real value of Shock and Tilt Indicators depend significantly on their visibility because the handlers are more likely to handle the package more carefully when they see these indicators on the package. They clearly show if mishandling or damage occurred during transit, 

Benefits of Shock and Tilt Indicators

There are many benefits of using Shock and Tilt Indicators for packaging operations. It allows businesses to ship their products with the assurance that any potential mishandling of the items will be detected and recorded. Naturally, this significantly reduces the probability of product damage and loss during their storage and transportation.  Some other benefits of Shock and Tilt Indicators include 

  • Protects sensitive, calibrated and fragile products
  • Helps identify weaknesses within the supply chain, covering production, transportation, and storage.
  • Enhances the image of businesses by restoring the faith of the customers in their ability to deliver products safely.
  • Alerts carriers about the importance of careful handling
  • Reduces customer inspection time
  • Reduces the time businesses spend on damaged product claims processing

In addition to these benefits, there may be no need to make any changes to products, packaging or shipping methods when using Shock and Tilt Indicators.  

Some Useful Tips and Tricks

  • Mount the indicators as per mounting instructions where they can be seen easily by the handlers. 
  • It is a nice idea to place an additional indicator on the product itself inside the package.
  • Place two Tilt Indicators on adjacent sides of the package as this will allow you to monitor tilting on all planes. 

At ShockWatch, we offer a large variety of products for damage indication and prevention. If your business regularly transports sensitive or fragile items, contact our experts to reduce your damage-related costs.