Pedestrian alert system

Avoid Workplace Accidents with Proximity Alert Systems 

Regardless of their size, most of today’s business organisations are prepared to invest significantly for a safe working environment. Employee safety and health is a critical requirement for all workplaces. Regulations, safety procedures, safety barriers, restricted access, risk assessments, and many other procedures are implemented to enhance the safety of a work site.  

Talking about workplace safety, warehouses are considered to be one of the most accident prone areas. According to recent statistical figures, almost 30% of warehouse injures are related to transportation and can be prevented by using proximity alert systems. These sophisticated devices emit a visual warning as well as an audible alarm to avoid collisions, and are extremely essential in workplaces where people work in close proximity to vehicles and dangerous machineries.   

An increasing number of workplaces are now realising the value of proximity alert systems. If you are the safety in-charge of a warehouse operation, it is high time for you to consider installing a proximity alert system. Before that, however, it is important for you to understand the technology and how it can help you.  

What is Proximity Alert System?    

A Proximity warning or alert system is referred to as a system capable of warning industrial vehicles when they are in close proximity to pedestrian workers. As required, these systems can be fitted to gantry cranes, reach stackers, forklifts, or anything else that requires a warning system.   

When a vehicle is involved in a workplace accident, pedestrians are the most at risk. If the pedestrian is not well aware of his or her proximity to a vehicle, there is a serious danger of accidental collisions. This type of mishaps is common in workplaces that are loud or busy. When a pedestrian collides accidentally with a forklift, it can be severe, even fatal.       

Working Principle:  

Many different types of warning systems are available in the market, with a varying level of capabilities. The simplest of these units are equipped with camera systems and spotlights. However, they are not fully reliable, and not recommended for workplaces looking to put together a complete managed solution.  

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution, your best bet is an Ultrasonic Proximity Alert System (USENS). These units have ultrasonic sensors installed in the vehicle’s front/rear ends to detect the presence of pedestrians or objects located within a specific detection zone or warning area. Once detection is made, an audio as well as LED alert is triggered for the driver by the controller of the unit. If an additional visual aid is required, it is possible to integrate an optional rear camera view system.  

Ultrasonic detection systems are simple to use, and its components can be installed and detached easily using bolts. Most importantly, their detection capability remains unaffected in unfavourable conditions such as rain, wind, snow, humidity, fog, light, or air temperature.  

At ShockWatch, we offer a sophisticated range of alert systems suitable for all industries including construction, shipping, mining, and warehousing. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.