Here are 3 Forklift Safety Best Practices

The forklift safety best practices include regular maintenance, pre-shift safety checklist and proper authorisation to certified drivers. Applying these practices will minimise accidents and improve workplace productivity.

1. Regular maintenance

This is important in preventing engine leaks and anomalous driving when operating a forklift. These maintenance tasks can be scheduled every 90 days (depends on manufacturer specifications).

This is crucial which is why logistics and manufacturing companies install alert systems for timely maintenance. For example, engineers and managers can set a user-definable maintenance alert through the Optafleet. This way material handling equipment such as forklifts will be regularly maintained without fail.

2. Pre-shift safety checklist

Aside from regular and timely maintenance, a pre-shift safety checklist is also crucial for better safety. For instance, the operator or mechanic will need to visually check the hydraulic hoses and cables before driving the equipment. He will also need to check the tire pressure, battery’s electrolyte levels, temperature gauges and the proper functioning of brake and steering controls.

It’s a long and comprehensive checklist. That’s why many companies already have the Optafleet.on their forklifts. Its features include having a fully configurable pre-shift safety checklist through audio-visual display. The driver can use that as reference each time his shift starts.

3. Proper authorisation to certified drivers

Many collisions and accidents would have been prevented if only certified drivers were allowed to operate the forklifts. In addition, mishandling of fragile goods and hazardous materials would have been avoided if only the most experienced drivers operated the equipment.

Experienced and trained drivers should handle the most crucial and tricky tasks. Moreover, the operators should be held accountable in case mishandling or collisions occur. To accomplish these, forklifts in warehouses and storage rooms often have a log-in access (or there’s limited or specified access).

Aside from enabling a pre-shift safety checklist, the Optafleet also has a feature that includes authorised access. This will then further minimise accidents and increase the accountability level among the drivers.

Forklift safety best practices

Those are just some of the best practices in maintaining and improving forklift safety in manufacturing, logistics and retail application settings. Aside from improving safety, these practices will also result to higher workplace productivity.

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