Easy Cut 6000

The Easy Cut 6000 safety knife is a handy box cutter that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand or safely in your pocket. The high-strength steel utility blade slices through cardboard easily.

The blade in the Easy Cut 6000 is not retractable.

The Easy Cut 6000 safety knife brings innovation to a favorable price point. The patented trigger-in-trigger provides further safety from accidental exposure to the the razor sharp blade. Blade change is a simple as squeezing the trigger and pressing a button.


  • Ergonomic
  • Ambidestrous
  • Trigger activated
  • Trigger lock
  • Fixed blade on engagement
  • Single blade depth setting
  • Sturdy, lightweight

Easy Cut Safety Knives Selection Guide


Pocket Cutter

Easy Cut 2000

Easy Cut 5000


13.97cm L x 2.54cm D x .1.27cm H

Unit Weight
85 grams


Easy Cut 5000/6000 Safe Cutting Instructions