Social Distancing System [SDS]

The Social Distancing System [SDS] by Claitec is a proximity monitoring solution designed to maintain an established physical distance between people within the same workplace [offices, warehouses, logistics centres, workshops, etc.].

The ShockWatch Social Distancing System [SDS] is a proximity monitoring solution designed to maintain the recommended safe physical distance between people within a workplace (offices, warehouses, logistics centres, workshops, etc).
All that’s required is for staff to wear the Social Distancing Tag [SD Tag] which establishes a safety perimeter with two zones. The 4m ‘warning’ zone turns on an amber signal, whereas the 2m ‘alarm’ zone beeps and alerts with a red light. Please note that these distances are configurable.
The SDS uses the latest Ultra Wideband technology and does not require any infrastructure. SD Tags are equipped with vibration, buzzer and LED alert functionality, can be recharged wirelessly, and sanitised safely (IP67-rated). They also incorporate non-movement and fall warning systems.
Data analysis of interactions for each T10R-SD Tag is performed with an SD Router and Software.


SD Tag

The SD Tag is a long-lasting active RFID device intended to ensure a safety perimeter of 2m between people (the distance recommended by health authorities).

SD Badge Tag

The SD Badge Tag is an adaptation of the SD Tag, which also acts as a card holder. The operator only needs to carry a single device that includes the safety tag and personal identification card.


All that is required is to wear the tag in order to establish a safety perimeter of 2 to 4m. When another person wearing a tag enters the 4m safety perimeter, the person is detected and an orange light flashes as a warning signal.
If the person comes closer than the recommended 2m social distance, the tag will beep and flash the red light as a warning signal for people to physically separate and minimise the risk of spreading the virus.
Please note that the distances are configurable.

The main characteristics of the SD Tag are:

  • Adjustable distance sensor
  • Set-up button
  • Fall warning system
  • Non-movement warning system
  • Two-way communication
  • Rechargeable battery
  • High-intensity LED lighting
  • Mute vibrator
  • High-intensity audible warning
  • Waterproof, easy to clean.

By rethinking and implementing new technological solutions we can ensure compliance and efficiency in our workplaces that make our work lives safer. Get in touch if you have any further questions or are interested in implementing this solution to your work environment.

Analyse the detections with most risk

Graphic analysis of detections


Radio frequency
UWB (to ensure high resolution)

No infrastructure required
Tag to Tag communication

Battery Charging
Wireless QI charger

Battery life
16 hours (depending on no of interactions and other factors)

Charging time
6 hours


Mount Type
Lanyard / Badge


IP Protection
IP 67

Tº Operating Humidity
10ºC a 60ºC 0 100 condensing

Power supply
1600 mAh LI PO battery (Rechargeable)




Social Distancing System (SDS) Sales Sheet